Pedagooogy 3000 is a worldwide pedagogical synergy.  It’s an invitation to co-create together a caring education, more comprehensive, more human, more fun and more useful,  that takes care of the real needs of today’s and tomorrow’s children, of a new Society and of our Planet Earth.
Who we are
We are an international team that works in solidarity, actively championing a new education, wanting to see happy children everywhere. We are currently linking 53 countries, with 7 Associations/Foundations, 64 Information Centers, 3 Academies, 1 Scientific Institute and a Network of 7 Petals School in 14 different countries to begin operating in the next few years.

What we offer

  1.  Scientific and Applied Research on: Physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological changes in today´s children. NeuroFLASH 3000 techniques. Neuro-pedagogy and educational innovative applications.  
  2. Training Programs. Provide programs for teachers, parents, and youth. Offer counseling, awareness conferences and trainings around the world along with Special Education (EE3000), Youth Leadership 3000, and “Voices of the Children” programs.
  3. Multimedia Material. Books, pocket books, handbooks and videos. Available at no charge in our Web pages and Youtube.
  4. The 7 Petals School Network. These are experimental schools all around the world which implement innovating pedagogical techniques and programs. They are part of a beautiful network of feedback and information exchange as well as showing a living concrete experiences to others.
  5. Social Solidarity Department. Implements Post Trauma Programs for children in high risk zone (Refugees, violent areas, disaster, jails, etc.) and promotes Peace Culture campaigns.
  6. Net of Networks. Co-creating worldwide awareness and exchanging information with our NGO “emAne” (Worldwide Link for A New Education) and our network of partners.

A new pedagogical Culture is emerging in the World.
It is co-created by all of us and will lead to a new Society,
an enduring Peace Culture, an ecological and hand to hand consciousness,
with fulfilled, proactive and happy children and adults.

Pedagooogy 3000: Tomorrow’s Education, Today,