Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne’s core values

  • Peace Culture
  • Multiculturality and respect
  • Collaboration, solidarity and horizontalness
  • Organic development
  • Collective and Compassionate Wisdom
  • Co-Creation

The education that we envision is:

  • Integral
  • Active (very active!) and collaborative
  • Articulated and contextualized
  • Developing creativity and Emotional Intelligence
  • Artful with many means of expressing oneself
  • Ecologist
  • Productive and hands on oriented
  • Promoting Self-development (self-taught)
  • “Global”, with local entrepreneurship and grassroots vision
  • ... and most of all: happy and fun! “If is not fun, it is not sustainable!”

Quick Facts

History: Established in

  •  2001, Pedagooogia 3000;
  •  and 2008, emAne (worldwide Link for A New Education)

Headquarters: Bolivia (Pedagooogia 3000) and Chile (emAne)

Network: 53 countries

General Coordination: Noemi Paymal

Core Staff: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia/France, France and Spain

Focal Points (Resource and information Centres): 64

Certificated Facilitators: 62

International events provided to date: 1440 between conferences, workshops and trainings

Main action streams: Applied research, production of audio-visual material, trainings, 7 Petals Schools Network, Youth Leaders 3000, Social Solidarity Platform (includes our Peace Culture Program) and a lot of Networking / Awareness.