we co-create a new Education

With Happy and responsible children 
With stress free teachers

With proactive and loving parents 
Fostering a Society in Peace,

and a Green Planet,


Who we are
We are an international team of more than 300 volunteers that works in solidarity, actively championing a new education, wanting to see happy children everywhere. We are currently linking 53 countries, with 7 Associations/Foundations, 64 Information Centers, 3 Academies, 1 Scientific Institute and a Network of 7 Petals School in 14 different countries to begin operating in the next few years.

The core team is conformed by:


Team and Legal

Legally we count on the following non-profit organizations:

  • Association 3000, Bolivia
  • Foundation emAne, Worldwide Link for a new Education, Chile
  • Foundation Pedagooogia 3000 – Argentina
  • Association Pedagooogia 3000 – Mexico
  • Foundation Pedagooogia 3000 – Uruguay
  • Foundation Pedagooogia 3000 – Venezuela
  • Foundation Pedagooogia 3000 - Chile