Educational Literature

Paymal, Noemi
2016. The 7 Petals School for the Children of Today and Tomorrow. Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000. La Paz, Bolivia.

2015a. Tetralogy of Pedagooogia 3000.
Volume I: Pedagooogia 3000. A Pedagogy for the Third Millennium. Ed. Kier, Argentina.
Volume II: Pedagooogia 3000. bio-intelligent educational tools and other for the Third Millennium. Ed. Kier, Argentina.
Volume III: Pedagooogia 3000. 33 Ideas / comprehensive educational activities for the Third Millennium (under development).
Volume IV: Pedagooogia 3000. An encouraging travel in different alternatives in the world educational trends (in preparation).

2015b. The children of Today and Tomorrow: Contributions scientists physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological in children / as of now and the education they need (Compiler: Noemi Paymal). Ed. Kier. Argentina.

2013. Pedagooogia 3000, in Pedagogies for Educational Practice of the XXI Century. Tome I: Integrative Pedagogies. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico Grupo Editorial Miguel Angel Porrua. Toluca, Mexico.

2011. Applied Pedagogy Guide. Series "Holistic education is possible." Numbers 1 to 33. Ed. Ox La-Hun. La Paz, Bolivia, electronic version.

2008. Pedagooogia 3000. Practical guide for teachers, parents and oneself. 4th edition, revised and expanded. Interactive version. Ed. Ox La-Hun. Barcelona, ​​Spain and La Paz, Bolivia.

Espinosa Manso, Carlos, Walter Maverino and Noemi Paymal
2007. Children and Youth of the Third Millennium. Practical guide for parents and educators. Ed. Sirius. Spain. 2nd edition: 2013

Paymal, Noemi (Pocket books and mini-books)
2016.Peace 3000.. (Nelly Chavarria Licon and Noemi Paymal). Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000. Peace. Bolivia.
2011. The 7 Petals School. Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000. Peace. Bolivia.
2010. Pedagooogia 3000 and the expansion of consciousness. Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000. Peace. Bolivia.
2009. How to Receive Todays Babies? Ed. Harmony. Peace. Bolivia.
2008. Kiero Kambiar (I want to change) and ... now I know how. Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000. Peace. Bolivia.
2007. Pedagogy 3000 in 13 easy steps. Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000. Peace. Bolivia.
2006. What I do with my son/daughter? Ed. Harmony. Peace. Bolivia.

In English
2011. Pedagooogy 3000. A practical guide for teachers, parents and oneself. Electronic version. La Paz, Bolivia. (Translated by David Colin Williams).

2008. Easy Pedagooogy 3000. 13 Simple Steps for being mother, father and teacher in the third millennium ... and enjoying it! Pocket book. #2. Ed. Ox La-Hun. La Paz, Bolivia.

In French
2011. L' Education, une stratégie pour réenchanter la vie. Edition le Souffle d'Or. Paris, France. (Karine Mazevet d´après Noemi Paymal).

In Portuguese
2009. Pedagooogia 3000 facil. 13 passos simples para ser um excelente pai, mãe e professor do Terceiro Milênio. Ed. Ox La-Hun / P3000 / Hotstock. La Paz, Bolivia y Sao Paolo, Brasil.

Videos and audio Pedagooogia 3000

2009. Program "Pedagooogía 3000 for radio, a meeting with the new generations", 20 episodes of 40 minutes. Introduction by Wolfgang Kellert. By Post Image.
2009. Introduction to Pedagooogia 3000, by German Campos. 3 minutes.
2010. 13 easy steps, Pedagooogia 3000, by German Campos. 44 minutes.
2010. Know to Learn, Pedagooogia 3000, Part I and II, by Eduardo Borrell. 21 minutes and 24 minutes.
2010. 33 pedagooogicals practical notebooks, by Eduardo Borrello and Graciela Croatto. Three hours.
2010. 11 notebooks of the ASIRI method, education of tomorrow today, German Campos and Ivette Carrion. Two hours.
2011 Poem to the new Education
2011 80% of education ...
2013 Letter to Governments
2013 The 7 Petals School.
2014 What is Pedagooogia 3000? by Guillermo Vales, Argentina

Anthropological Literature

Paymal, Noemi
1988. The Amazonian Peoples of Ecuador. Quito, Ecuador.
1995. Useful Palms of the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin. Omaere project. Quito, Ecuador.
1999. Ethnography Huaorani. Manuscript. Puyo, Ecuador.
1999. The Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Co-authors. COICA. Quito, Ecuador.
2003. Indigo Consciousness. Quito, Ecuador.
From 2003 to 2006. webzine Amerikkua.