The 7 Petals School is an integral educative proposal which addresses the pedagogical needs of today’s and tomorrow’s children.  It’s called the 7 Petals School because it promotes seven pedagogical areas for the fulfilment of the human being.  That is, it considers all development aspects for a human being in a complete, harmonic and articulated manner.

The 7 Petals School is based in the Pedagooogy 3000 philosophy, a comprehensive applied fun humane pedagogical culture that its founder began in 2001 in Ecuador. It quickly expanded, first in Latin America and later in all five continents.

The 7 Petals or pedagogical areas are:

  1. Physical Development and Movement (Blue petal)
  2. Fun Articulated Cognitive Development (Yellow petal)
  3. Social and Multicultural Development (Pink petal)
  4. Aesthetic Development (While petal)
  5. Ecological Development (Green petal)
  6. Productive Development (Red petal)
  7. Personal Development (Violet petal)

A fulfilling Education

The 7 Petals School presents seven main characteristics:

    1. It was conceived as a function of the new characteristics that today’s children present, their needs and wants.
    2. At the same time, it promotes wellness and personal growth of teachers and parents.
    3. It is aware of the real needs of the current and future society
    4. It loves and takes care of the planet
    5. It highly promotes a Peace Culture, that is real and lasting
    6. It knows how to adapt and be flexible
    7. It is based on love and affection.

The 7 Petals School characterizes itself for being simple, easy to implement and low cost.  It adapts to any geographic, social, economic, cultural and ecologic environment.

Opening news paths of Hope and Peace

The benefits of the 7 Petals School and of a comprehensive education are manifold, here are some of them:

      1. It is easy to implement and has fast results (often times completely amazing results)
      2. It opens roads for happy and responsible children, future active citizens who take a leading role in the different areas that involve society and the sciences.
      3. It allows for the teachers to perform comfortably and without stress.
      4. It allows for parents to be happy and committed.
      5. It favours a future society that’s proactive and in peace
      6. It encourages a real care for the Planet
      7. It can be implemented in any place and any environment

The educational reality that we see and feel on a daily basis in classrooms and homes, forces us to further investigate the sciences of education and to take an ample and multidisciplinary scientific approach.  It invites us to open ourselves to new horizons, paradigms and possibilities.

Today’s children present common and unique characteristics that undoubtedly take us to a dual change.  On the one hand, lead adults (that interact with them on a daily basis, that is, especially teachers and parents) towards profound personal changes in the way they act, live and be.  On the other hand, they challenge all of society to make an essential change in education, be it at home, in the classroom, in public spaces and / or other spaces which behoves us to implement.

13 Main Multiple Intelligences

The 7 Petals School promotes:

      1. Blue Petal – Kinaesthetic intelligence
      2. Yellow Petal – Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence and logical-mathematical
      3. Pink Petal – Interpersonal intelligence, linguistic: verbal, musical and emotional intelligence
      4. White Petal – Co-creative intelligence, visual and musical
      5. Green Petal – Naturist, ecologist intelligence
      6. Red Petal – Co-creative intelligence, kinaesthetic, logical-mathematical and practical
      7. Violet Petal – Intrapersonal, existential and intuitive intelligence

The 7 Petals School allows that way:

      • The development of a healthy being, full of energy, that accepts and fully enjoys their vocation and skills
      • More creativity, using both brain hemispheres, developing lateral thinking and their fourth brain
      • The development of a being with stable emotions, that can work in a team, in solidarity and cultivates Peace Culture at every level
      • The development of a human being that knows how to create harmony and beauty, both outside and inside
      • More ecological awareness
      • The development of an active citizen, who takes a leading role with self-esteem.  Knows how to solve problems and conflicts
      • The development of a being with a stable personality, centred and acting ethically

The 7 Petals School World Network

The 7 Petals School World Network is a network that links various 7 Petals Schools around the world in order to work together, exchange information and tools as well as to create peace culture and world solidarity.

The objective is to affiliate one 7 Petals School per country which will function as a Reference School (also called the country’s “Official” 7 Petals School) that:

        • Works within a network with other countries
        • Supports nationally other schools based on the 7 Petals scheme within the same country.

Said Reference School  is backed up by an Agreement with Pedagooogia 3000® (P3000) which implies that it has been through its respective training.  Afterward, other schools within the country who wish to adopt the 7 Petals School can be advised and supported by the “Official” school.

The First Official School of the 7 Petals School World Network is located in Gigliopoli, Sicily, Italy.  The Agreement was signed on October 20, 2015 with the Gigliopolis Association and Barone Giuseppe Lucifero di San Nicolò Foundation, in Milazzo, Sicily, Italy.

To date, other countries that have already signed the agreement include Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Lebanon planned to do seven 7 Petals School on the refugee camps for the Syrian children.  The first three began operations in 2014 and 2015.  Other schools that are interested in being part of this network are Kuwait, Egypt, Ecuador, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, India, Libya and Peru.
There is a list of requirements for being the first Official 7 Petals School of each country, as well as responsibilities for all parties involved, i.e. the Official School, Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne.

In addition, others are welcome to also open more schools under the 7 Petals School scheme, with the support of the official school of their country, Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne.

For more information on the 7 Petals School and the 7 Petals World Network, please visit and consult our book the 7 Petals School freely available in our website.