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10th International Gathering of Architecture 3000 and Universal Geometry

September 26-29, 2019
Quinta do Minhoto, Fafe, Portugal

Co-Creating Learning Spaces in Consciousness and Harmony with the Ecosystems


26/9 - Welcome, visit to Guimarães, public events

  • Guimarães sites’ visit, connecting with ancestral memory.
  • 18h - presentation of the book “Design your School of the Future, Now” with authors: Noemi Paymal and Cláudia Martinho (place to confirm).
  • 21h - conference FafÉducação, Fafe.

27/9 - Symposium day 1 - retreat at Quinta do Minhoto

  • Physical activity, harmonization.
  • Presentation: today’s children, their physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological changes and the Education they need.
  • Presentation: the importance of the relation between Geometry, Conscience, Education and Architecture for the individual and collective evolution.
  • Workshop of Universal/Sacred Geometry: Hands on Stars: the Star Matrix, the Merkaba (tetrahedral star).
  • Silent time, sharing circle.

28/9 - Symposium day 2 - retreat at Quinta do Minhoto

  • Physical activity, harmonization.
  • Presentation: co-creation of learning spaces that are innovative, ecological, inclusive, participative, effective, affective and responsive to today’s children's needs. The 7 Petal Schools. Examples of projects around the world.
  • Workshop of the 7 Petal Schools: designing the 7 areas of integral education in the architecture of learning spaces. Integrating biodynamic and ecoclimatic design principles.
  • Silent time, sharing circle.

29/9 - Symposium day 3  - retreat at Quinta do Minhoto

  • Physical activity, harmonization.
  • Workshop of Universal/Sacred Geometry: building architecture in resonance and synergy with planet Earth - pyramids, icosahedrons, dodecahedrons, domes and zomes.
  • Silent time, sharing circle, integration.
  • Organizing 2020 event
  • Farewell

About Architecture 3000 Research Network
Since 10 years, the Architecture 3000 network has been expanding around the world. Each year an international Symposium takes place. The goal of the Architecture 3000 Symposium is to share innovative ideas and tools, reinforce our research network and re-define our guidelines for schools and Education.

About this Symposium
This year we will meet in an ecological farm - which is also the site of a eco-learning community called Movimento Terra Mãe.
The meeting will take place as a retreat, to share in a sensitive, deep and tuned mode. The dynamics will develop in practical workshops, with moments of theoretical focus.
The training is for anyone interested in architecture, Universal Geometry (or Sacred Geometry) and the co-creation of a new Education, such as architects, designers, engineers, educators, students, parents, educational planners and investors. The training will be conducted in English or Spanish (depending on the participants).

About the facilitators
All activities will be facilitated by Noemi Paymal and Claudia Martinho.

Noemi Paymal is the founder and international Coordinator of Educatiooon 3000® (Pedagooogia 3000 in Spanish) and Vice President of the Worldwide Link for Education. She is a French citizen and resides in Bolivia. She is a researcher, communicator and anthropologist. She has worked in 56 countries, in the field of Applied Anthropology and Education. She is the author of 12 books.

Cláudia Martinho is an architect, researcher (PhD in Music, Sonic Arts) and traditional Feng Shui consultant. She experiments with resonant architecture, geometry and soundscapes as tools to foster an integral education, consciousness transformation and ecological ways of living. Her practice includes participatory workshops, installations, soundwalks, experience of sites, circles of music. She is author of several publications, co-founder of the creative and environmental education project Rural Vivo and coordinator of the Architecture 3000 Research Network.