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Pedagooogy 3000
La Paz - Bolivia

Happy and responsible children
Stress free teachers, pro-active parents
A peaceful society, a green Planet

Pedagooogy 3000 researches have shown that children have significantly changed on a physical, psycho-emotional and even neurological way. Scientists, Doctors, Paediatricians, Psychologists have contributed in asserting this.

Most of the time, teachers are in a very difficult situation. 90 % of them request practical pedagogical tools and educational packages, adapted to their reality as educational professionals, as well as tools to relieve their own work-related stress.

They also want to be able to deal with the stress of the children. Based on reports from various Ministries of Education from all over the world a high percentage of children are suffering from bullying – both physical and psychological.

Parents and children´s relatives need keys for understanding their child as well as updated information and practical, fun tools to help them.

That is why a new integral Education is needed to attend to the children’s, parent’s and teacher’s needs.

The purpose of the Pedagooogy 3000 International Scientific Institute is to invest on research programmes in order to provide solid scientific bases and in-depth studies supporting the urgent need for a new approach in education (a Socio-Multi-Education) and how to implement it, in respect of the environment, social-political realities and local cultures.


The benefits of the shared results and tools from the Institute will impact everyone.

Benefits for the children:

  • Decrease bullying and violence in general at schools  and provide a harmonious, creative environment fully respecting children’s needs
  • Allow educational high performance results from kindergarten onwards, taking care of play time and self-learning.
  • Improve children’s physical and emotional health; attending pedagogically to Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity cases.
  • Develop children’s creativity, problem solving and environmental care, through Multiple Intelligences development
  • Integrate children with special abilities

Benefits for teachers and parents:

  • Provide well-being and reduce stress
  • Contribute to a peaceful and happy environment in the class room at home.

Benefits for our Societies:

  • Introducing a Culture of Peace naturally, of Non-violent Communication leading to a more harmonious society


The Institute is to be located in La Paz, Bolivia and hosted at the Espejo Centre.

We also expect to implement in the same place:

  • A Cafe acting as Information Centre and Exchanges place
  • A Bio Garden and Bio Orchard
  • A ‘Sensorooom 4D’ (based on sensory room principles) in a dodecahedron-shaped form.

Institute Objectives and Goals

The main objective of the Pedagooogy 3000  International Scientific Institute is to improve Education and attend to Children’s real needs with comprehensive educational programmes and tools directly build from Scientific Research results and up-to-date facts, with the goal of sharing everything worldwide, to be used by everyone.



The methodology that will be used includes:

  • Adapt the research results to design School Curriculums and Learning Modules
  • Develop pedagogical tools and materials for adults in charge of children’s education and in parallel pedagogical games for children
  • Constantly verify the results through schools feedback. This means implementing two pilot schools (of the 7 Petals Experimental School) in Latin America
  • Make all information constantly and easily available to anyone, through web sites, radio and TV programs, etc.
  • Networking with other Institutes or scientific programmes.
  • International diffusion with translation in English and set-up of another ‘7 Petals School’ outside of Latin America.


The Pedagooogy 3000 Scientific Institute is organised in activity sectors matching the methodology:

  • Scientific research at physiological and neurological levels
  • Applied research on tools to facilitate children development
  • Design of Curriculum & Modules
  • Design educational materials for teachers
  • Design of games 3000 and Educational Kits for children
  • Implementation of ‘7 Petals schools’ for continuous feedback
  • Pilot Trainings
  • Diffusion of results and guidelines through web, radio and TV
  • Worldwide Networking
  • Internationalisation

Details of Activities

1. Scientific Investigation

Several scientific investigation programmes will be carried out on the subject of the changes in today’s children at physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological levels.

Two International Scientific Congresses a year will facilitate collaboration between scientists.

2. Applied Research

Among other subjects the intention is to carry out in-depth researches in the following areas:

  • NeuroFlash 3000
  • Tools to develop the potential of the brain right hemisphere in a balanced way with the brain left hemisphere
  • Practical tools to help all levels of human development.
  • Neuroscience, Biologic Decodification and Energetic Anthropology tools

The main research axes will be focused on:

  • Development of the 5 exterior senses (for example with the creation of a pedagogical "sensorooom 4D")
  • Development of the 6 inner senses
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence with other Multiple Intelligences
  • Meta-languages (as studied at the moment in Mexico, Argentina, and Peru)
  • Ancestral Education
  • Ecological Education
  • Multilevel learning, lateral thinking, co-creative intelligence
  • FLASH reading, FLASH maths, how to easily acquire encyclopaedic knowledge and creativity

The results will be constantly "tested" and "co-created" in the Institute, with voluntary groups of babies and children accompanied by their parents. This will allow immediate interactive feedbacks.

This Sector will have four extra specific Departments:

  • SDPS, ‘Space of Development of Potential Senses’, already started in Uruguay
  • Children at risk: for the children in conflicts or war zone, post-war, refugees or natural disasters situation and street and drug gangs. The outcome of this Research Group is to provide guidelines to develop psycho-emotional healing tools for teachers and children.
  • Special Needs Children, including multi-talented children (like synesthesical children) and autism spectrum children.
  • Psychic abilities and multisenses approach.

3. Schools Curricula & Modules

This sector will be in charge of designing and developing School Curriculum, Web-Based Study Programmes and the associated Learning Packages including Presentation, Notebooks, Toolkits, reference videos etc.

4. Multimedia Materials for Educators

This sector will be in charge of providing Guidelines and developing pedagogical audio-visual materials for the Teachers usage.

5. Games 3000 and Pedagogical Kits for children

This sector will provide Guidelines for Pedagogical Games for children, including in the first phase:

  • Universal geometry games
  • Multilateral thinking games
  • Culture of Peace games
  • Charismatic communication and Emotional Intelligence development Games
  • Cognitive metalanguage games
  • Educational Videogames

The ideas behind these games will result from a collaborative work of an International subject-matter experts Team from Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Russia, among others.

The games will be made with aesthetic and ecological awareness and their distribution and sale will be based on an economy of solidarity.

Instructions to create one own version of those games will be available on the Web, to enable anyone from any condition or situation to have access to self-teaching and games. For that we will use a Web site:  www.educooopedia.com platform (currently under construction).

6. The Laboratory: the ‘7 Petals Schools’

The project plans to open and operate two experimental 7 Petals Schools. This means to provide:

  • Testing of the tools almost in real-time in a "real" school context
  • Provide feedback to the Research Sectors
  • Allow quick modification or adjusting.

For efficiency the first experimental schools will be located in Latin America, close to the Institute and operating in Spanish.

However, the Project includes translation of all materials in English and helping out the setting of an English speaking school, with the beneficial experience of the 2 first ones.

See in annex the description of a ‘7 Petals School’.

7. Trainings Programmes

The Institute will provide an on-line training platform and Pilot Training Programmes on Pedagooogy 3000 and Educational Tools for general audience. This way it allows immediate testing of Training integrating new information.

Also in Bolivia and Uruguay on-site Pilot Training sessions will take place, benefiting from the existing infrastructure.

8. Diffusion

This Sector is responsible to communicate the outcomes, results and news through any type of media, Web, Radio, and TV.

It will also operate ‘Pedagooogy 3000 radio’, an online Web radio programme.

9. Worldwide Networking (Net of Nets)

The idea is to constantly create links with other Institutes and facilitate exchange of experiences around the world, with

  • Regular Newsletters
  • International Forum of Pedagogical Innovation
  • Games 3000 Forum

The objective is to strengthen a global network, favouring mutual support and enhancing all members with the latest innovations and educational experiences from around the world.