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Pedagooogy 3000
La Paz - Bolivia

The Pedagooogia 3000 International Institute is an Applied Research Centre that aspires to attend to the educational needs of children and youth of today and tomorrow, of the society and of the Planet.

This Institute is international and is linked to more than 50 countries, in collaboration with the Scientific Alliance of Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne, worldwide link for a new education, which gathers more than 52 scientists and doctors to date. The information is gathered and printed in the form of 7 books (2006, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015a, 2015b, 2015c).

The book, Children Today and Tomorrow: Physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological scientific changes in the children and the education they need, brings together the latest information from physicians and psychologists about the changes found around the world. You can download it here.

The purpose of the Pedagooogy 3000 International Scientific Institute is to invest on research programmes in order to provide solid scientific bases and in-depth studies supporting the urgent need for a new approach in education (a Socio-Multi-Education) and how to implement it, in respect of the environment, social-political realities and local cultures.


The benefits of the shared results and tools from the Institute will impact everyone.

Benefits for the children:

  • Decrease bullying and violence in general at schools  and provide a harmonious, creative environment fully respecting children’s needs
  • Allow educational high performance results from kindergarten onwards, taking care of play time and self-learning.
  • Improve children’s physical and emotional health; attending pedagogically to Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity cases.
  • Develop children’s creativity, problem solving and environmental care, through Multiple Intelligences development
  • Integrate children with special abilities

Benefits for teachers and parents:

  • Provide well-being and reduce stress
  • Contribute to a peaceful and happy environment in the class room at home.

Benefits for our Societies:

  • Introducing a Culture of Peace naturally, of Non-violent Communication leading to a more harmonious society



The Pedagooogy 3000 Scientific Institute is organised in activity sectors matching the methodology:

  1. Scientific research at physiological and neurological levels
  2. Applied research on tools to facilitate children development
  3. Design of Curriculum & Modules
  4. Design educational materials for teachers
  5. Design of games 3000 and Educational Kits for children
  6. Implementation of ‘7 Petals schools’ for continuous feedback
  7. Trainings
  8. Diffusion of results and guidelines through web, radio and TV
  9. Worldwide Networking


Several scientific investigation programmes will be carried out on the subject of the changes in today’s children at physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological levels.

Among other subjects, the Institute researches in the following areas:

  • NeuroFlash 3000 tools
  • Tools to develop the potential of the brain right hemisphere in a balanced way with the brain left hemisphere
  • Practical tools to help all levels of human development.
  • Neuroscience, Biologic Decodification and Energetic Anthropology tools
  • Development of the 5 exterior senses (for example with the creation of a pedagogical sensorooom 3000)
  • Development of the 6 inner senses
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence with other Multiple Intelligences
  • Meta-languages (as studied at the moment in Mexico, Argentina, and Peru)
  • Ancestral Education
  • Ecological Education
  • Multilevel learning, lateral thinking, co-creative intelligence
  • FLASH reading, FLASH maths, how to easily acquire encyclopaedic knowledge and creativity

The pedagogical tools of Pedagooogia 3000

At the moment (2017), Pedagooogia 3000 is developing 14 axes of pedagogical tools. The first 7 axes are distributed according to the 7 petals of the School of the 7 Petals (as we have seen in the previous chapter), followed by bio-intelligent, bio-morphic, bio-reconnecting tools, which include the area of ​​the metalanguages, as well as Languages 3000®, NeuroFLASH 3000, Games 3000 and Parks 3000.

Most of these tools are described in volumes I and II of Pedagooogia 3000, volumes I and II of the 7 Petal School and the 33 practical pedagogical handbooks of Pedagooogia 3000, material that can be downloaded freely from the website of Pedagooogia 3000.

We describe them quickly below.

1. Tools for integral physical development, which allow a deep physical well-being and a healthy physiological / emotional growth. Not only do they favour good locomotor, cardiovascular and neuromuscular development, but they also facilitate the development of consciousness through the body (as promoted by ATB, Awarness Through the Body, a method created in Auroville, India), as well as non-competitive sport (for example Tchoukball).

2. Cognitive development tools, which allow the fun-learning the different subjects of the curriculum following ABCD steps and including new and updated subjects (such as Quantum Physics, for example). ABCD means the following:

- A: Articulated and Autodidact
- B: from Bueno in Spanish. With a good academic level
- C: Contextualized
- D: from Divertido in Spanish. And above all, Fun.

3. Tools of emotional development and Culture of Peace, which include non-violent communication (also called empathic communication or conscious communication), positive affirmations, self-esteem, re-connective geography and history, many different languages; among other matters.

4. Tools to develop aesthetics, creativity and expression through all kinds of Arts, audio-visual production, graphic arts, Universal Geometry and bio-construction.

5. Comprehensive ecological tools, including preventive health, alternative therapies and environmental education, as well as the study and application of renewable and non-polluting energy sources.

6. Comprehensive productive development tools (e.g. from the Kilpatrick line), introducing all kinds of workshops into the curriculum, thus enabling self-esteem, the notion of holo-service (i.e. to provide talent for society and The planet in an ethical and altruistic way) and the sense of purpose.

7. Integral personal development tools, which allow a balanced inner growth and self-knowledge, connecting the mind with the heart.

8. Bio-intelligent tools that are pedagogical activities that favour the integral development of the human being in a "bio" way, that is to say that they function "by themselves", without needing a specially trained teacher and are at the same time "safe" pedagogically and therapeutically speaking, for example: doing mandalas, gardening, cooking, dancing ...

9. Bio-morphic tools, which -yes- require specifically trained teachers. They consist of developing the Intuitive Intelligence (the tenth Intelligence according to Pedagooogia 3000 scale, as described in Volume I of Pedagooogia 3000).

10. Bio-reconnecting tools, which include the greatest possible variety of tools for the integral development of the human being, personal growth and values ​​that are indispensable to achieve fulfilment, inner peace and reconnection.

11. Language 3000®. It consists in a fast linguistic and cultural immersion, that allows to know the basics of a language in a month approximately.

12. NeuroFLASH 3000 includes techniques which allow learning at high speed using the right hemisphere of the brain. It can be applied mainly for reading, mathematics, languages ​​and encyclopaedical knowledge.

13. Metalanguages. They are “packages of knowledge / understanding” that go beyond words and function by resonance (for example the Mayan calendar). It includes Universal Geometry, that is fundamental in the Integral Education of the children for holding the codes of the same creation related to oneself. Also called Symbolic Geometry or Harmonic Geometry.

14. Games 3000 (includes videogames and Apps) which have the following characteristics:

  • Integral and favour lateral thinking.
  • As ecological as possible.
  • Based on Universal Geometry.
  • Economically fair and supportive; they can be downloaded for free from the Web.
  • They allow creativity, development of the right hemisphere, the 4th brain and the CIEAG brain (Integrated, Extended, Activated and Grounded Brain).
  • They are cooperative (i.e. not competitive).
  • Encourage the Culture of Peace and empathic communication.
  • Strengthen unconditional love and personal development.
  • They are transformable and can adapt to local cultures.

Games 3000 include the Parks 3000 section, which consists of a set of structures and educational activities for municipal parks and school yards.