Pedagooogy 3000 was created in 2001 by Noemi Paymal, together with a multidisciplinary international team, aware of the major changes that are happening to today’s children and youth in various areas: physiological (metabolism), psychologist, emotional, cognitive, behavioural, ethical and existential, which has been nowadays widely reported and evaluated by doctors, psychologists and teachers at a worldwide scale.  At that time, we begin the first international multidisciplinary researches within these fields, first in Latin America, then in Europe and other countries. 

Conference and workshop tours –To date, more than 1200 conferences and workshops have taken place in many countries and we have been able to exchange feedback and reports from all these countries.  An international tour with 77 events took place in 2011, which has gathered together various continents.  Another world tour in 2013 had a total of 56 events in Spanish, French, and English.

Publications – The results, as well as the corresponding educational tools are gathered in the book Pedagooogy 3000, translated and available in English and partly in French.   Additionally, 6 mini-books, 33 practical notebooks, as well as 22 videos, 2 TV programs and 22 radio programs have been offered to the public, free of charge. Electronic newsletters are sent to 33 countries on a monthly basis.

Network Development –In 2008, emAne, a Worldwide Link for a New Education was created. In 2013, Association 3000 was created in Bolivia, in order to effectively echo the emAne Foundation, in charge of the global network. Similarly, we formed the Consortium 3000 to give to projects an organizational solid base and be able to address the ever-growing demand within various sectors for updated information, tools and orientation at all levels.  In 2011, a team of international specialized doctors, psychologists and education specialists reinforced applied researches through the Scientific 3000 Alliance Agreement. In addition, a team of technicians design written materials and audiovisual products, for adults, teachers and general public. Meanwhile a public program called Information Resource Centre started , facilitating the creation of a network and physical centres of volunteers interested in new educational programs.  The core teams are present in several countries first within Latin America, where they are called “Fractal Focal Points” and then expanding in Europe and other continents.

Creation of the Institute and TOT trainings - In 2012, a virtual Institute was created uniting several countries with applied researches making emphasis on the potential of the right hemisphere, among others.  50 Certified Facilitators have been trained in 2013 and 2014, preparing them to open interactive academies in various countries, and at the same time hundreds of Schools use Pedagooogy 3000 tools, in formal or informal ways. At University level two Chairs have opened, in Maracaibo, Venezuela and in La Plata, Argentina. Plus active collaboration is taking place for investigation and publications with the Mexican Universities of Toluca, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México and UABC, la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California and Universidad Mayor de Santiago in Chile.

International Alliances & Partnerships- Pedagooogy 3000 has been invited by the Government of Venezuela to participate in the project "MOVIMIENTO POR LA PAZ Y LA VIDA" (Movement for Peace and Life). In November 2014, the President and Vice President of International UNESCO Centre in Caracas have agreed to include Pedagooogy 3000 trainings in the UNESCO Centre Trainings Catalogue available to all South American &Caribbean countries as well as Spain.

At the same time in Chile, another educative project presented by Pedagooogy 3000 “Chile 3000” has been approved to be part of the national educational project for the country.
Noemi Paymal is an Expert Member of Gaia U Latina and Honorary Member of Foundation Pedagooogy 3000-Argentina and of Pedagooogy 3000-México.

In June 2014, Noemi Paymal has been invited by the Arab Countries League to give a lecture in Cairo, and is invited to participate to the ASAP Meeting with Education Ministries of South America and Arab States.
Noemi Paymal is also part of DEEP Centre, The Dialogue, Empathetic Engagement & Peace, a global community of people working for Peace.
On January 19, 2015, Pedagooogy 3000, emAne, and the UNESCO International Centre Foundation signed an Alliance to develop joint actions.  In this framework, the UNESCO Degree in Pedagooogy 3000 is launched for all countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain. UNESCO Centre Foundation also backups Pedagooogy3000 Conferences and Workshops worldwide.

In 2015, we started the project of the World Network of Schools of the 7 Petals, which is reflected at the time by a network of 3 functioning Schools and 16 schools to be made around the world, with a team of innovative and avant guarde architects.

In 2016, we initiated the Solidarity Social Platform Pedagooogia 3000 and Post Trauma 3000 Program, with Syrian refugee children in Turkey and Lebanon. Which then, with Nelly Chavarria Licon, President of the Partnership for Peace Educators in Mexico, we launched the International Peace 3000 Campaign  "I can choose ... and I choose Peace" thanks to an international team.