T H E   B L U E   D E C L A R A T I O N

Declaration of the Children
to the World


We, the boys and girls of today and tomorrow, come before you to remind you about the need to change Education on Planet Earth, this Planet, our World. Many support our petition: babies, girls, boys, youngsters, we are millions, billions… with billions more to come. Please heed our plea and listen with your Heart.
We, the boys and girls of today and tomorrow
We, the children of the World


  • That we want a World in peace
  • That we want a World without hunger
  • That we want a World without wars
  • That we want a World that takes care of our Earth and the animals
  • That we want a World of LOVE

We, the boys and girls of today and tomorrow
We, the children of the World

1. That the first change in this world be in EDUCATION since we have to go to school almost every day – and that is a lot of time spent there! We need an Education that allows us to connect with ourselves. And we need to be listened to.
2.  That the Education we receive be:

  • Useful
  • Supportive
  • Truly preparing us for the Future
  • Fun, not boring
  • With teachers that treat us well, that do not raise their voices nor judge us

3.     That how we are educated allows us:

  • To work together, side by side
  • To bloom, to be happy
  • To express ourselves
  • To discover and to learn by ourselves
  • To work as a team, without competing

4.     That the subjects be:

  • Applicable
  • Broad
  • Interesting, considering what we wish to learn
  • Enhancing our own talents

5.     We want and need:

  • Lots of physical activities: allowing us to move, run, jump and enjoy a healthy body.
  • Lots of interesting classes: we are eager to learn, learn new and updated stuff.
  • Lots of knowledge of the world: to know many countries and cultures. To achieve World Peace, we need to know the 5 continents and we need good communication tools.
  • Lots of Arts and creative spaces: to express ourselves, sing, paint and dance and make designs in a computer.
  • Many activities in Nature that allow us to know the Earth. We want to touch her, to know the plants, the animals, the rocks. We want to know our Planet, to be able to take good care of her. That is our commitment.
  • We need lots of action. We love doing, building and feeling useful. Everything we learn, we want to apply. Do not forget we are here to transform many things, so we need to be practical.
  • And more than ever, we need subjects that allow us to connect with ourselves. We long for a direct connection with our own heart. We need to learn profound topics. We understand many things. Allow us to develop our Innate Intelligences and our abilities.

      6.     Please consider the human being first:

  • We ask to be treated as human beings who need to give and receive LOVE; school subjects are secondary, you know.
  • We are the children of the World, who will rebuild our Society and take care of the Planet. If we are happy, we shall do it better, much better.
  • We request that you, adults, also be happy, that you play, laugh and have fun with us. That makes us happy, very happy.
  • We ask that you take good care of us:

·        Allowing us to dream
·        Seeing that we are not put down
·        Making sure that we are not beaten or abused
·        Allowing us to fly, not clipping our wings.
7. And finally, we request that you teach us:

  • With Enthusiasm
  • And with the Truth.

And above all, if you do not understand us completely, simply love us, as much as we love you.

We, the boys and girls of today and of tomorrow
We, the children of the world
This is our plea, the plea of millions of boys and girls, and of millions of children yet to come. The plea of Earth herself, the plea of today’s humanity and the plea of the following humanity.
We are billions. We are the Future. We are your HOPE.
With Love
The Boys and Girls of the World
Launched on 08/08/2015 to be implemented worldwide.

We invite you to sign here


Photo: Signing of the Blue Declaration by José Pepe Mujica
Ex President of Uruguay and Noemi Paymal, 9th of July 2015