T H E   B L U E   D E C L A R A T I O N

Declaration of Children to the World


We, the children of today and tomorrow, come before you to remind you of the need to change Education on Planet Earth, our world. Many support our request: babies, girls, boys, youth, we are millions, billions… with billions more to come. Please heed our plea and listen with your Heart.
We, the children of today and tomorrow
We, the children of the World


  • That we want a world in peace
  • That we want a world without hunger
  • That we want a world without wars
  • That we want a world that takes care of our Earth and the animals
  • That we want a World of LOVE

We, the children of today and tomorrow
We, the children of the World

1. That the first change be in EDUCATION, since we have to go to school almost every day – and that’s a long time! We need an Education that allows us to connect with ourselves. And we need to be heard.
2.  That the Education we receive be:

  • be useful
  • truly prepare us, for the present and future
  • be fun, and not boring
And that teachers treat us well, that they don’t scream at us nor judge us.

3. That school:

  • be with friends
  • allows us to be happy, express ourselves and discover things for ourselves without competing
  • have interesting classes, taking into account what we want to learn
  • help us develop our talents

4. We want and need

  • to move, run, jump and enjoy a healthy body
  • many interesting classes: we want to learn, learn new things and technologies
  • to know the World, countries and their people, communicate and achieve World Peace
  • many spaces to create, express ourselves, sing, draw, paint and dance
  • many activities in Nature: that we be allowed to touch the soil and water, know plants, animals and rocks. We need to know our Planet so that we can take good care of it. That is our commitment.
  • Lots of action. We like to make and build things, feel useful. All that we learn, we wish to put in practice. Do not forget that we must be practical, since we are here to transform many things.
  • More than ever, to connect with ourselves. We want a direct connection with our heart. We need to learn deep topics. We understand many things. Allow us to develop “all that we know”.

5. Please, we ask that you see us as human beings that need to give and receive LOVE. We are children of the world, we will rebuild Society and care for the Planet. If we are happy, we can do it better, much better. We ask that you adults also be happy, that you play, laugh and have fun with us. That makes us happy, very happy.

6. We beg you to truly care for us

  • That you let us dream
  • That we are not shut off
  • That we are not mistreated, that we are not beaten
  • That you don’t cut off our wings, that you let us fly

7. And finally, we ask that you teach us

  • With Enthusiasm
  • And with the Truth

And, above all, if you don’t entirely understand us, simply love us, just as much as we love you.

This is our plea, the plea of millions of today’s children, and millions of children to come, the plea of Earth herself, the plea of this and the next Humanity.

We are billions
We are the future
We are your HOPE

With love,

The children of today and tomorrow
The children of the World

Sun Island, 08/08/2015.
Revised 01/12/2019.

We invite you to join us signing here, thank you


Photo: Signing The Blue Declaration, with Jose “Pepe” Mujica, Ex-President of Uruguay and Noemi Paymal, July 9, 2015

This manifesto is a compilation of wishes from many children around the world, gathered by the P3000 teams since 2005. DA-Eng-02/10/19/MB