Series 1 “The holistic education is possible”

# Titles Ready to Print
1 What is the Integral Development of the Being in the Education?
2 General recommendations for children and young people of the third Millennium   
3 Integral Physical Development 
4 Integral Emotional Development 
5 Integral Cognitive Development 
6 Integral Ecological Development 
7 Integral Aesthetic-Creator Development  
8 Integral Intuitive development   
9 Integral Spiritual development   
10 Integral Social development   
11 Integral Multicultural development 
# Titles  
12 Integral Ethical-Solidarity Development  
13 The four elements and the four bodies  
14 Familiar Development  
15 Multiple Intelligences   
16 Exercises for the right hemisphere and the “4th brain”   
17 Mandalas and Labyrinths
18 Light - Sound - Form, how to work in one eighth superior of consciousness 
19 Light and colors  
20 Sounds  
21 Forms and movements  
# Titles  
22 Games of Purpose of Life   
23 Games of Reconnection  
24 Culture of Planetary Peace   
25 Teachings with silence and the conscious breathing   
26 Creative visualizations and relaxations   
27 Self-esteem, feelings and connection, for children and young people   
28 Anti-stress techniques for teachers and parents   
29 Sacred Geometry, module I 
30 Sacred Geometry, module II
31 Sacred Geometry, module III 
32 ASIRI, games of Synthesis 
33 The future   

You can send your exercises, ideas, games, in order to incorporate them into this series. Thank you

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