This series consists of presenting very practical pedagogical tools. They are distributed in 33 pedagogical handbooks. Please download them and adapt them to the age of your students. Make it fun, according to your culture and your socio-geographical situation. These notebooks are to put in practice, to transform them, to enjoy them and re-create them. They are very flexible. Thank you for transforming Education through the world.

1. What is an integral education?

2. General recommendations for the children and youth of the Third Millennium

3. Integral Physical Development

4. Integral Emotional Development

5. Integral Cognitive Development

6. Integral Ecological Development

7. Integral Aesthetic-creative development

8. Integral Intuitive Development

9. Integral Personal Development

10. Integral Social Development

11. Integral Multicultural Development

12. Integral Ethical-Cooperative Development

13. The four elements

14. Family issues

15. Multiple Intelligences

16. Exercises for the right brain hemisphere and the "4th brain"

17. Mandalas and Labyrinths

18. The Light - Sound – Form Triad

19. Light and colours

20. Sounds

21. Forms and movements

22. Life Purpose Games

23. Re-Connection Games

24. Planetary Culture of Peace

25. Teachings with Silence and Conscious Breathing

26. Creative Visualizations and Relaxations

27. Self-esteem, feelings and reconnection

28. Anti-stress techniques for teachers and parents

29. Universal Geometry, module I

30. Universal Geometry, Module II

31. Universal Geometry, module III

32. Nonviolent Communication

33. Metalenguajes

34. Post trauma tools [Manual 1 Download]  [Manual 2 Download]