History Pedagooogía 3000

As the history of every dream, Pedagooogía 3000 embodies the vision of a person, in this case Noemi Paymal, who was able to bring together teams of hundreds of people to achieve their goal: to change the Education for humane education, more enjoyable, more comprehensive, more fun and oriented to a profound culture of peace.

Anthropologist, researcher, journalist and author, a French national, currently residing in Bolivia where he is President of the Association 3000 and Vice President of the Association Wiñay Wawa Qhana in that country and Vice President of the Foundation / Corporation emAne International in Chile. She has cooperated in more than 50 different countries on five continents in the field of applied anthropology and alternative education that has led her to share meetings with multiple people, from children, teachers, mothers, fathers, teachers to Presidents , Ministers and personalities like Deepak Chopra and former Uruguayan president Jose "Pepe" Mujica.

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