Educatiooon 3000 - Report 2019

Dear friends
First of all, have a great end of the year and a fantastic 2020, year of flowing actions, coordination, union and concretization together with our clear vision, brilliant co-creative mind and vibrant emotions

Educatiooon 3000 from my left brain

Educatiooon 3000 from my right Brain




Thank you for changing Education and sustaining a beautiful frequency of change, awareness and peace, the World needs it and the children thank you with all their heart.

We are very happy to send you the 2019 report of Educatiooon 3000.

This year was very fruitful, opening many doors in the Middle East (Lebanon, Kurdistan and Syria), Russia and Asia. We are also organizing new material, pocket books and power points.

The network of facilitators, the Architecture 3000 network, the 7 Petal school network and the English network were expanded.

Thanks to all of you, for changing Education around the world, for forming a beautiful active and united team and for being "open minded / open hearted".

With love
Noemi and teams


Next, come the 2019 reports, the online meetings of January 2020 and 2020 events

Report 2019

January 2019 Internal Meeting 4/14 Isla del Sol, Bolivia
January 2019 Certified Facilitators Isla del Sol, Bolivia
February and March 2019 Pooortal Libre Chile, Peru, y Bolivia 12 towns, thanks to the teams of Chile, Peru y Bolivia
24 Programmes for the Bolivian National TV

May 2019 Mexico, thanks to the fantastic team of Mexico


June 2019 Bolivia, School of Challa Pampa, Peace Culture Programme
June y Julio 2019 Spain, Germany, France Radio of the free Pooortal with Cyro, Seres FM and Mar Urdillo
Julio 2019 Romania Teacher 3000
July 2019 Peace Culture with Mar Urdillo, Brazil

July 2019
Bulgaria Koprivstitsa
Sugestopedia Congress



Video of the Congress and Noemi


With Vanina  Bodurova


More Information of Reports 2019


August 2019 Kurdistan, Iraq, Turkey
September 2019 Lebanon
September 2019 Syria
September 2019 10mo Symposium of Architecture 3000 in Portugal
P3000 in Brasil with Nelly Chavarria with inatel Emprendesur
October 2019 Kazakhstan
Belukha Montain
November 2019 China

Chile Forum 3000
November 2019 Australia
December 2019 Lebanon

La Re-Evolution es una MUJER!!
December 24 and 25! Thanks to Kawsar and team Aatr Alerz NGO

December 2019



None of this would have been possible without the incredible strength, union and love of the tremendous P3000 teams around the World.

Congratulations and thanks from the bottom of my heart. NP


The events of 2020 are already posted in

January 2020 - Bolivia
• February 2020 - Brazil
• March 2020 - Ecuador
• March 2020 - USA, Canada, Alaska
• April 2020 - Korea and China
• June, July 2002- Mongolia and Russia
• July 2020 – Russia, Teacher 3000
• July 2020 - Mexico Facilitators
• August 2020 - Turkey Certified Facilitators, in English
• September 2020 – Lebanon and Syria

• November 2020- China

On line, January 2020
Available in English upon request

Saturday, January 4, 2020
On line, Introductory P3000, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Bolivia time, in Spanish
15 dollars

Sunday, January 5, 2020
10:00 am to 12:00, Bolivia time, online, Fast language (how to learn a language in 2 months), $ 15, in Spanish

13:00 to 15:00, Bolivia time, online, Schools of the 7 Petals for Peace and the Peace Ambassador Schools Program $ 15,   in Spanish

16:00 to 18:00 online, Questions and Answers about P3000 and Education in general, $ 15. Please send your questions beforehand to
and / or the FB survey that will be enabled in January
in Spanish

Monday, January 6, 2020
I will make two extra on lines sessions of thanks to the sponsors of the crowfunding. Explanation of the projects of 2020 and following years.
15:00 Bolivia time in English

At 20.00 Bolivia time in Spanish


Happy 2020