Bélgica - Bruselas

Viernes 13, 14 de abril
WorldWise Children, 9 congreso la educación holística es posible

El encuentro internacional de emAne con Noemi Paymal será organizado en colaboración con la Higher School for Family Education en Bruselas, un colegio muy famoso en Bélgica. 15 y 16 de Abril.

Adicionalmente, el Festival internacional de Arte de Hadas será organizado en Alden Biesen, Bélgica los días sábado  21 y domingo 22 de abril 2012 como parte de un Festival internacional de cuenta cuento en Alden Biesen, un festival famoso aquí en Bélgica.
Info: Briony Vanden Bussche (escribir en inglés), briony.vandenbussche@tempelstralen.be, briony@tempelstralen.be, o Stefan Armborst, emane.planetario@gmail.com (escribir en inglés o en español).
Friday 13, 14 april WorldWise Children, "9 congreso la educación holística es posible"

The International Meeting of emAne with Noemi Paymal. The meeting will be organized in collaboration with the Higher School for Family Education in Brussels, a very famous school in Belgium. Dates: April 15, 16 2012.

Additionally, the International Art Festival will be held in Fairy Alden Biesen, Belgium on Saturday 21 and Sunday April 22, 2012 as part of thre famous international storytelling festival in Alden Biesen, Belgium.
Info: Briony Vanden Bussche (write in English), briony.vandenbussche @ tempelstralen.be, briony@tempelstralen.be or Armborst Stefan, emane.planetario@gmail.com
(write in English or Spanish).

International Conference for

 Childwise Education

and 9th international emAne meeting 'A Holistic Education is Possible'

Sat 14 - Sun 15 April 2012: public event

Mon 16 – Tues 17 April 2012: internal emAne meeting

De Factorij, Huart Hamoirlaan 136, Brussels, Belgium

Organised by Sterrencirkels, network organization for childwise education
in collaboration with the high school for family science in Brussels - HUB
and in collaboration with emAne, Enlace mundial para una nueva educación (Worldwid link for a new education)

The 10th meeting will be in Chile, 5, 6 and 7th of  October 2012 in Santiago

This conference will be offered in the following languages: Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

There will also be a live broadcast of the meeting.

Saturday 14th of April 2012: Conference for Childwise Education

  • 10h00: Welcome
  • 10h30: Introduction 'the importance of childwise education' and invitation to create  childwise dreams on the Vision Board by Briony Vanden Bussche, 

What is childwise education? It is a coming together of unique methods to stimulate children and adults on a gently way in their authenticity and individuality. We always try to stimulate children and adults to express their inner wisdom (childwise) in a creative way.

  • 10h45: Lecture 'multiple intelligences and bio-integral development', an introduction Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne, by Noemi Paymal, Latin-America
  • 12h00: Question time
  • 12h30 - 13h30: lunch time with childwise stands, a childwise museum and a vision board with childwise dreams.
  • 13h30: Multiple Intelligences in education: a few examples
    • 20' Lectures + video by Hilde Goris: 'Children and nature'
    • 20' Lectures + video by World Children Unity Dance: 'The power of dance and movement'
    • 20' Lectures + video by Pim Catry: 'Mindfullness'
    • 20' Lectures + video by Briony Vanden Bussche: 'expressing feelings in fairy tales stories: the fairy school as example'
  • 15h00-16h00: Lecture by Hans Van Crombrugge, Professor of family science of the high school for family science in Brussels - HUB : Educating differently
  • 16h00-17h00: Debat 'education in the future' with prof. Hans Van Crombrugge, Noemi, Paymal, Briony Vanden Bussche and Michiel Matthes, secretaris-general of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group
    Chat about the childwise dreams
  • 17h00-17h30: Conclusion by ... (maybe somebody of our ministry)

Sunday 15th april 2012: workshop day childwise education

Program is constantly growing

  • Workshop by Noemi Paymal, Pedagooogia 3000, www.emane.info
    Focal and Fractal Centres” AS A WAY OF SPREADING CONSCIENSNESS FOR holistic education
  • Lucio and mindfullness, Lieve Van Hoeteghem, Na'terre - www.naterre.be
  • Heartful en mindfulness, Pim Catry - www.oneaware.be
  • High sensitivity and connective communication between parents and children, An Michiels, Sensitief Vzw - www.sensitief.be
  • Fairy tales – Dance - adventure, Anke Hazebroek en Fanny van Troost, www.praktijkwhiteroses.nl
  • Hilde Goris, heyokateljee
  • Fairy school, Briony Vanden Bussche, sterrencirkels Vzw
  • Taiji and chigong: An open body for a good communication, Christine Baeyens, www.de-zon.org
  • Sun school: www.zonneklasje.be
  • Lazuli Coaching: Education for high conscience and high sensitive children www.lazuli-coaching.com
  • Inspiration workshop with fairy tale about relation feeling – nature, signs on your path. www.opzijnplek.nl
  • BrainGym - www.menssanamarke.be
  • World Children Unity Dance: Gert & Maggie, World-Children-Unity-Dance vzw www.wcud.be


  • Free for international emAne members. Because we now that the transportation and accommodation is already expensive for foreign participants, we offer the conference for free.


You can book your rooms directly or contact Stefan for room-sharing.


Tour Planning (for who want a real childwise holiday in Belgium):

and on on www.fairytheatre.com

  • 21 & 22 april: fairy arts festival (tickets are free for international emAne members)
  • 23 april: going home...

If you want to give a workshop / lecture on sun 15 april during the conference, or on sat 21 or sun 22 april during the festival to present you own educational methods. Please contact us as soon as possible and tell us the title and description.

You may unload the book of Noemi Paymal ‘Pedagogy 3000’ in English (summary) and the all book in Spanish “Pedagooogia 3000” for free on: http://www.pedagooogia3000.info/English/index.htm  This book in English is a summary and adaptation, done by Karine Mazevet,  eduka 3000, Paris, France and is also available in French, Ed. Souffle d Or ("Karine Mazevet" karine.mazevet@free.fr).

By mid 2012, the entire book in English (500 pages) will be also available.

So we suggest that you pay for every download minimum 10€ to help the project ‘pedagooogia 3000’ in whole the World.  By doing so, we can also help the education in this lands who don’t have so much possibility’s to support the education.  So we can grow together and support our children in whole the world at the same time. 

Financial Co-Operation: Iban: BE17 9792 4831 1921, Bic: ARSPBE22 on the name of: Sterrencirkels VZW, Thaliastraat 71, 2600 Berchem, with mention: download boek.

You can also donate directly with your Credit Card in www.pedagooogia3000.info with paypal.