September 2015


Special Events

Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne
Worldwide Tour for a New Education and Peace Alliance
With Noemi Paymal, french anthropolist
Oct / Nov 2015

Launching of the International Scientific
Pedagooogy 3000 Institute

in La Paz, Bolivia


We are truly grateful for your collaboration Both for the Institute as well as the Second Tour “The Americas Together”

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More than ever, we have witnessed an alarming crisis within the educational system at a global level. We have a unique opportunity to create awareness to co-create a new education, and with that, propel the emergence of a new society of Peace and Wellbeing for everyone. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Dear Friends,

We’d like to share with you the Canadian and Alaska report, our 10th stop over as part of “The Americas Together”, Tour of Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne held during the month of September 2015. “The Americas Together” has been covering 10 countries and has held 33 events. The goal was to unite South, Central and North America through the vision of a new Education for now and for the future. This way we learn from each country and culture, and weave together an integral, pleasant, human, caring, enjoyable, and multicultural Education with Peace, respect, dialogue and connection to Mother Earth (Pacha Mama).

We envision an Education that is reconciling past, present and future, and where self-esteem, respect, love and solidarity are some of the main pillars.

The Canada and Alaska tour was mainly to make contacts. I really like Canada and hope we will do many projects together, especially the “Research Project”, the “5 Continents Project” and the “Refugee Children Project” around the world.

This Newsletter will cover

  1. Toronto: The Collective Evolution
  2. Montreal: the Democratic Schools, REDAQ and AERO
  3. Montreal: sharing information with therapist Mary Swain
  4. Alaska: the Heritage Programs and event
  5. Vancouver: Several Meetings

1. Toronto: The Collective Evolution

I loved the wonderful work of the Collective Evolution
I had an interview with Ragie Kabli

We presented the P3000 grassroots worldwide education movement and discussed our projects, including the Syria Refugee project.  The interview was taped and will be used in their next documentary.  An initial contact was made and will include them for our next Canada tour and any converging projects.   

till_krechWhat is the Purpose of The Consciousness Shift on Earth?
Please visit the website (in English) Creating Awareness and Consciousness

What is Collective Evolution All About?

We (CE) believe in creating change by thinking outside the box. We aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world. We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all. Positive and heartfelt journalism is a big part of what we do.

Living sustainably, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creating a relationship with oneself and shaping a better world together are all things we encourage. We value balance in our world, which means examining all aspects of our lives. We report on news, health, science, technology and an accessible, non-new-agey brand of spirituality.

A grassroots organization created in 2009, CE is now one of the world’s most popular alternative media, production, and community outlets that gives readers an opportunity to reshape their everyday way of thinking. CE’s content ranges from full-length articles, to videos, to live events, all of which share one common goal: to raise awareness about how our world functions, and to encourage conscious change that moves beyond it.

Core Team

Joe Martino, Alanna Ketler, Jeff Roberts, Arjun Walia, Mark DeNicola, Amanda Monteiro, Giovanni BartolomeoAdrian Ricci, Rajie Kabli and Anthony Coletti 

Connect With CE


2. Montreal: the Democratic Schools, REDAQ and AERO

I had a wonderful chat with Marc-Alexandre Prud’homme from the Rèseau des ècoles democratiques au Quebec (REDAQ).

The Quebec Network of Democratic Schools – Le Réseau des écoles démocratiques au Québec (RÉDAQ)

Welcome to our site. We are an organization that brings together people who are interested in education (parents, students, teachers, concerned citizens, elders etc.) and who believe in the psychological, educational, familial and social benefits of democratic schools.

Redaq is part ofAlternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) created by Jimmy Mintz from New York

Marc-Alexandre Prud'homme

We learned about their network and we introduced P3000 as well.  He expressed there is a great opportunity to expand this type of new education within Montreal and we will gladly support their endeavors in whichever way we can to bring forth said expansion.

REDAQ is part of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) network of schools created by Jimmy Mintz.

About AERO

The Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) was founded in 1989 by Jerry Mintz. AERO's goal is to advance student-driven, learner-centered approaches to education. AERO is the primary hub of communications and support for educational alternatives around the world. Our network includes Montessori, Waldorf (Steiner), Public Choice and At-Risk, Democratic, Homeschool, Open, Charter, Free, Sudbury, Holistic, Virtual, Magnet, Early Childhood, Reggio Emilia, Indigo, Krishnamurti, Quaker, Libertarian, Independent, Progressive, Community, Cooperative, and  Unschooling.

AERO's mission is to help create an education revolution to make learner-centered education available to everyone.

One of AERO's areas of expertise is democratic process and democratic education, but equally important is the networking of all forms of educational alternatives. Towards this end, AERO Jerry Mintzprovides information, resources and guidance to families, schools and organizations regarding their educational choices. AERO disseminates information internationally on topics such as: homeschooling, public and private alternative schools, and charter schools.

Jerry Mintz has been a leading voice in the alternative school movement for over 30 years. In addition to his seventeen years as a public and independent alternative school principal and teacher, he has also helped found more than fifty public and private alternative schools and organizations. He has lectured and consulted in more than twenty-five countries around the world.

3. Montreal: sharing information with therapist Mary Swaine

Visit with Mary Swaine, holistic therapist, Courses and Programs certified by the Canadian Order of Practitioners in Naturopathy and Natural Therapies

Preventive emotional and therapeutic tools in school

Interview with the 7 colors of the 7 petals schools from Mary Swaine
y en FB Pedagooogia unoficial

What to do in the purple and green petals of the 7 Petals School of Pedagooogia 3000:
Massage and self-massage
Intuitive Energetics
Trauma Release
Cell Memory Integration
Color Therapy
Sound Therapy
Get over Fear, phobia
Creative Self-Expression

(all programs of Mary Swaine)

Mary has been visiting Egypt for the last 16 years and more recently China quite a few times sharing her work and expertise, giving workshops and conferences.

Here are some of Mary Swaine’s thoughts on preparing a teacher for a 7 Petals School:

  1. Teachers work with their crown chakra and connection with the environment, this includes the use of higher senses in their work, including perceiving things from that perspective, being aware of the bigger picture, including self-development for teachers, why are we in the planet; ESP for them
  2. Karma of the teacher, has to do with, many are in the box, structured, logical, left brain, not in touch with emotion.
    1. It involves playing, to play as if they were children
    2. Feel higher emotions, enabling them to feel it at a high level, it’s not just a word (love), it’s the quality of emotions they feel, like a smell.
  3. Get involved at the level of the heart chakra
    1. Heal the child within
    2. Open ability to the heart, feel tenderness and affection
    3. Willing to be their true self in the world
    4. Confront any energy duality based in the heart.. “heart monsters”, and these are different for everyone.
    5. Open petals in the heart chakra, ways to define these petals, what qualities help them open these petals
  4. 2 aspects of Karma, working in the box, getting to play and inner emotional superficiality applied to the way one works with children. Being aware of what the child is in his/her inner world and outer world.

Working with the heart
Helping them work with higher senses
Elements in the self-awareness stuff
Connect with the environment, with potential of the earth, link between water and earth elements, physical/emotional link, needs to flow, no blockages.  We can heal the planet through elements in our own body.  The earth doesn’t have consciousness but through our interactions is when it does.  Many different ways of looking at potential of the earth.
Potential of Foundation’s interaction with the earth, can’t be too pedagogical or institutional; if you connect with something beyond logic and beyond emotional, it could be another program (“SensoooRoom” from P3000); working with nature, hugging a tree.
To learn more about Mary Swaine and all her wonderful work, please visit the website at

4. Alaska: the Heritage Programs and event

Alaska, USA

Visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage


More than a museum, the Heritage Center does extensive work in preserving, sharing, educating and celebrating Alaska`s native Culture and Heritage and traditions.
They handle all kinds of requests, even callers saying they just found out they were native.

They offer After School High School and Middle school programs for native youth.
They even go to pick up the kids and bring them back home. 
For visitors, they have transportation to and from the airport.
They have many activities throughout the year, especially focused on the younger generations.  They understand the importance of knowing your ancestry and being proud of it.
They still pass down values, cosmovision, songs, stories, Art, dances…

They have classes that include native dances and games and art available for native children and youth.

Event in Spanish in Anchorage, Alaska:

Tuesday, 22nd of September 2015 Introductory Conference
Tomorrow Education Today
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Conference in Spanish

Visit to a Karate School, Anchorage Martial Arts are excellent tools to learn respect, self-control, discipline and multi-culturality

During the evening workshop, we met many enthusiastic participants eager to know more about P3000. They shared their experience with children and the local school system.  Some had quick insight moments during the event, an instant connection with the material being presented.  We are confident that from this initial contact, there will be activities and even an upcoming 7 Petals home school.
We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to Cristina Balsimelli and her wonderful family for supporting us throughout our Anchorage stay and for organizing the conference.
They are expecting another visit real soon from Pedagooogia 3000 and to organize university scale events there.

5. Vancouver: Several Meetings

Marisol did all the interviews because I had to go back sooner to La Paz, Bolivia
Thank you Marisol for the North America Marathon, for the preparation, all the contacts and for traveling to all the cities with me.
Amazing work… Amazing service to the kids of today and of tomorrow.

Sindoori Ananda at Bridge and Enrich Lives

Dr. Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Ph.D at the University of British Columbia

Cara Agro from Fresh Air Learning (Forest Schools)

Principal Meghan Carrico and Sam Mills at the Windsor House School

Dr. Kieran Eganat Simon Fraser University He is known international for his work with . Imaginative Education . Personal portfolios (Tailored education) . Learning in Depth book.

I heard of Dr. Eganfrom a teacher in Uruguay (from UTU, Universidad Tecnica de Uruguay,he told me he read his books and put in practice with excellent results)

Fiona Douglas-Crampton, President and CEO of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education

A very busy day began with a visit to the Bridge and Enrich Lives Society and sharing some delicious tea with Sindoori Ananda.  We had the opportunity to exchange experiences and spoke about the “Be Kids” Program being implemented at their Center.  Children meet every Friday and they are supported in dealing with emotions from a spiritual aspect, activities to help them ground and understand that they are powerful beings.  They have been implementing a program that comes from India where kids stay in an ashram and they are reminded of who they really are.  Sindoori is eager to learn more about all the material available in the P3000 website and implement practical tools for their children’s program.  To learn more about their activities and programs, please visit their website -

After a wonderful chat with Sindoori, I was off to the University of British Columbia to meet with Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl.  Kimberly is involved in research, focusing on finding the right conditions in which children can thrive.  Her research includes studying over 250,000 children and how they thrive.  She is part of an interdisciplinary “epigenetics” group. (Epigenetics -is the study, in the field of genetics, of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off and affect how cells read genes instead of being caused by changes in the DNA sequence).  She works with psychobiologists in the MindUp program (teaches social and emotional learning skills that link cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness training utilizing a brain centric approach -  Dr. Kimberly mentions that British Columbia is leading in the world in the social and emotional learning.  There has been a reform in the school system, K-12, for a comprehensive education, self-regulation and a focus in emotional and social skills in children.  BC is leading in collaboration with ministries of education, teachers, parents and everyone involved in social and emotional learning.

It was great to learn about all the wonderful work that Dr. Shonert-Reichl is heavily involved with, paving the way for a new education.  Just as I arrived at my next stop, a Fresh Air Learning school, I received a call from Fiona Douglas-Crampton, President and CEO of the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, informing me that unfortunately she had to cancel our meeting for that day since they had an emergency meeting related to their upcoming event, the Hear-Mind 2015 Conference – How do we educate the hearts of children?  I reassured her that it was very understandable and that I would still stop by at the end of the day to drop off some P3000 material at their Center.  For more information about the Dalai Lama Center and their events, please visit their website at

Then I was off to walk the trails of a beautiful and awe inspiring forest close to the UBC campus in search of Cara Agro of Fresh Air Learning schools.  It was wonderful to see a group of small children (ages 4 to 6) exploring through the woods, making new discoveries as they searched for clues that would lead them to the whereabouts of one of the parents who was participating in the day’s activities.  Kids normally meet from 1 to 3 times a week, some use this school as complementary to regular school and for some, it’s the only school the child attends.  This is a grassroots independent network that began in Vancouver and was started by Tricia Edgar.  She received training from the International Forest Schools organization but is not currently under their umbrella.  Ms. Edgar is the founder and has had Fresh Air Learning schools for 5 years now.  It began as a home schooling organization.  They also have incorporated an Elementary school which is project based and they have one day forest school and one day at the Maple Wood Farm.  They have no buildings, all activities are outdoors.  They receive their certification from the UK established schools for their standard of practice.  They just came out with a manual called the Hands and Heart Approach to Learning.  For more information on Fresh Air Learning Schools, please visit their website and blog at

My next stop was a visit to the Windsor House School in North Vancouver.  Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Nicole who then introduced me to Sam Mills, who was to be my tour guide for the next hour.  I was amazed to learn that this democratic school had been started 42 years ago by its founder Hellen Hughes and it is publicly funded!!  It grew from a parent-participatory pre-school at home and has grown to be a full-fledged K-12 school.  There is no administrative curriculum and has been working during the last decade with government standardization.  There is a schedule of regular occurring activities.  From K through 3rd grade, it is a play based school- spontaneous, short contained activities.  For the older kids, the school is more project based.  They all have autonomy over their bodies, that is, they decide when they want to eat, when they need to go to the restroom, etc.  They have a huge mobility opportunity, they decide where they want to be.  Also, their academic and social world does not have to overlap.  That is, they can have projects with kids that are not necessarily of the same age, and they can hang out with kids that are not of the same age.  This is one of the key components of the school – a mix of all ages, not divided by grades with children their same age.  Other key components of the school is that it is very parent-participatory, many parents come in on a daily basis and they have the opportunity to meet with youth and kids and don’t have to be in a “parent” role.  They use the Justice Council and the School Council in their decision making process where all involved parties get to participate.  At the end of the tour, I had the opportunity to meet with Meghan Carrico, the school’s principal to chat a little and share information about our P3000 World Tour.  For more information about the Windsor House School, please visit their website at

And finally, at the end of the day, I stopped by the Dalai Lama Center to drop of some P3000 material, as well as to the Simon Fraser University to leave material for Dr. Kieran Egan, who also could not meet with us on Thursday since we had to switch days for an early return for Noemi.

Do not hesitate to contact Marisol for more information on what is going on in the States and Canada, and be part of Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne, Worldwide Link for a New Education.
Marisol did an incredible job organizing this tour, and touring with me. It has been a very hectic but so interesting tour

Thank you Marisol

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