September 2015

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We are truly grateful for your collaboration Both for the Institute as well as the Second Tour “The Americas Together”

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More than ever, we have witnessed an alarming crisis within the educational system at a global level. We have a unique opportunity to create awareness to co-create a new education, and with that, propel the emergence of a new society of Peace and Wellbeing for everyone. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Dear Friends,

We’d like to share with you the USA report, our 7th stop over as part of “The Americas Together” Tour of Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne held during the month of September 2015. “The Americas Together” is covering 10 countries and 33 events. The goal is to unite South, Central and North America. This way we learn from each country and culture, and weave together an integral, pleasant, human, caring, enjoyable, and multicultural Education with Peace, respect, dialogue and connection to Mother Earth (Pacha Mama).
This is an Education reconciling past, present and future, where self-esteem, respect and solidarity are some of the main ingredients.

The US tour was mainly to make contacts. It has been lovely to meet people with the same vision and goals.

This Newsletter will cover:

  1. San Antonio, Texas and the Anne Frank Inspire Academy
  2. Denver, Colorado, and San Francisco, California
  3. Visit to the HeartMath Institute, California
  4. Los Angeles, California and the Mendez High School
  5. Meeting with Inge Bardor and Extra-ocular Vision

1. San Antonio, Texas and the Anne Frank Inspire Academy

On Wednesday, September 2nd, we had to opportunity to be interviewed by Megan Bishop from WOAI, news radio from San Antonio.  Then on Thursday, we were interviewed by Kayla from Univision and Jessica from Telemundo, both Spanish television stations.  We thank the media who covered our visit to San Antonio where we kicked off the US portion of “The Americas Together” tour.

We are deeply grateful to Bruce Rockstroh, Superintendent and CEO of the Anne Frank Inspire Academy and Educational Resource Center.  He was a magnificent host who went above and beyond the call of duty during our stay in San Antonio. The location of the school is: Anne Frank Inspire Academy – 11216 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, TX 78250

Picture with Bruce, Superintendent and CEO of the Anne Frank Inspire Academy and Educational Resource Center.

The Anne Frank Inspire Academy and Educational Resource Center. An amazing school!!
I call it the school of the year 2015!!!!!!

On Thursday, September 3 – We had an Introductory Conference.
On Friday, September 4 – We had a workshop in Spanish for friends from Houston at the
The Educational Resource Center 10325 Bandera Rd. San Antonio, TX 78250

Conference and workshop – from Left to Right: Marisol and Noemi, Jeanet, Christine, Bernice, Emmanuel, Cristian. The Orikara family from Texas doing homeschooling, congratulations for their wonderful work.

Anne Frank Inspire Academy

I loved the school, and call it “the School of 2025”. The main features are:

- no walls
- no bells
- no teachers
- no hallways
- and a lot of academic results as well as fun and team work.

An example for the world! For a relevant and meaningful education. 

The kids are free to move around the school. This school has a close link with the community; neighboring organizations support each other, such as the YMCA, so that the children can have access to a large gym.  Among many activities, the children have string (violin), cooking, and robotic classes. There is a close connection to nature, with outside woods and pond available for students.

Bruce Rockstroh also works with several other schools in the San Antonio area where children in difficult situations attend – schools for youth in juvenile hall (detention center for minors) and schools for children whose mothers have been detained by immigration and are seeking asylum. 
This experience took Bruce to delve into questioning why youth ended up in jail and sought working from the source to prevent this from happening to kids and this is how he created, designed and implemented the Anne Frank Inspire Academy.

We are very impressed by all his wonderful work and tireless support of children, tomorrow’s future.

Architect Prakash Nair: The architect of the Anne Frank Inspire Academy and Educational Resource Center The Arquitecture for today and tomorow`s schools

The school was conceived and built by the architect Prakash Nair, Fielding Nair International.  The school has a lot of open space with a lot of natural light, open plazas and learning studios, multi-media studios, messy room, Da Vinci studio, conference room and a tree house, as well as comfortable furniture.  Areas such as “the Nest” provide a quiet place for students to lounge and do some reading.  There is a lot of space to circulate and conducive to team work with classmates.  Students manage their own curricula with guidance from facilitators.  Students feel so inspired that they stay after school to continue their projects; very active kids that practically have to be dragged out of school.

Main hall, the heart of the school where children are free to move and meet at will.

A lot of light and nature coming inside the school

Bruce and Marisol, at the computer corner

Pond and natural trail

Comfortable furniture

The nest, a quiet reading hiding place to read

Beautiful facilities

A beautiful tree house and speedy slide!

2. Denver, Colorado, and San Francisco, California

We held a small event on Saturday, September 5that the Sam Gary Denver Public Library.
Also, we held a small conference in San Francisco, on Wednesday, September 9th at the Presidio San Francisco Public Library, as well as a workshop at East Bay Community Foundation, in Oakland, on Thursday, September 10th.

We had the opportunity to learn about the Restorative Trauma Informed Practices developed by the East Bay Catholic Charities and being implemented in various schools in the Oakland and Richmond areas.  This program was developed to work with youth, children and families to promote self-sufficiency, strengthen families and pursue safety and justice.  It is a social service provided to children that are going through some type of trauma in schools, regardless of religious beliefs. Contact:  Eric Steckel, Catholic Charity of the East Bay,

Another great program we learned about is the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) which is implemented at the Calpella Elementary School from the Ukiah Unified School District, 100 miles north of San Francisco.  Other programs also implemented at this school include:

  • School of Performing Arts and Cultural Education (SPACE)
  • Native American Tribes program by the Pomo people which includes language, stories, games, this is a local initiative from the Coyote Valley Tribe
  • School Garden and Nutrition grant from the USDA
  • Outdoor education project in 40 woodland acres.

Denver Thank you Elena for driving us around!

San Francisco Press Conference at the San Francisco Public Library

At the Presidio San Francisco Public Library, with Craig and Barbara Thanks Graig for all the arrangement!

San Francisco With my friend Ann Mary Wilson, from the Calpella Elementary School

the Calpella Elementary School

3. Visit to the HeartMath Institute, California

On Wednesday, September 9th, we had the chance to visit the HeartMath Institute located in Boulder Creek, south of San Francisco.  Here we met with Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research and Jeff Goelitz, Director of Education to discuss their activities and projects at the institute. They started the Global Coherence Initiative which is proving the relationship between the heart and the brain.

Geomagnetical fields are resonating frequencies overlapping with the heart. The HeartMath Institute offers many trainings so that people can self-regulate themselves and see, feel and activate the connection between mind and heart to create a healthy powerful electromagnetic field around them, resonating with the earth and others around them, creating a deep empathy to all beings.
The Resilience Advantage program is one of the many programs they run.

HeartMath Institute With Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research and Jeff Goelitz, Director of Education and Marisol taking the picture. Wednesday, September 9th
Chaos and Coherence States

4. Los Angeles, California and Mendez High School

We had a presentation on Friday, September 11, 2015 at Mendez High School located in Boyle Heights.  We’d like to thank Mr. Mauro Bautista, Mendez High School Principal, for making the school accessible for the event.

We’d also like to congratulate him and the entire school for their accomplishments

  • Partnership High School of the Year for 5 consecutive years (2010 – 2015)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges 6 Year Accreditation (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2020)
  • Highest API Gain in the State of California Among Public Schools (2012-2013)
  • Over 90% of graduating seniors attend college

How do they do this?
According to Mr. Bautista, they have gotten there because of five key elements:

  • Developing each students’ self-efficacy, which is more than believing they can do whatever they set out to do; they have the power to really make things happen no matter what circumstances they might be living through.
  • Involving Community Partnerships – organizations that support students through their tough situations in life, providing food, shelter and clothing when necessary, as well as psychological support.
  • Teachers’ support and involvement, with a true vocation for teaching.
  • In general, providing attention and care by the adults around them, faculty, parents and the community partners.
  • A lot of sports.

Mendez High School Los Angeles. Prized Partnership High School of the Year for 5 consecutive years (2010 – 2015)

With Mr. Mauro Bautista, Mendez High School Principal on Monday 14th of September 2015

5. Meeting with Inge Bardor and Extra-ocular Vision

Noemi and Inge Bardor

Inge on the show "Un nuevo día", of Telemundo (Spanish TV US Network) with host Diego Schoening.

Inge with Drunvalo Melchisedek

Inge is known in many counties for her extra-ocular ability (which is sensing and seeing things with closed eyes through ESP, extra-sensory perception) and her help with parents and children. She told us that: “Currently, from 15 to 20% of today’s small children are extremely aware with some psychic abilities and they need a new kind of education; their frequency is much higher, they are much more awake, they understand more things and faster, more technological and at the same time more intuitive, they need to be listened to”.
She offers game therapies and support so they don’t lose their abilities and can smoothly adjust to society.

Videos of Inge

Noe Esperon, extra-ocular vision (Mexico)

I’d like mention the work of Noe Esperon in Mexico as well, a program called “Viendo por Mexico” (Seeing for Mexico).  He works with extra-ocular vision (what Inge does but within the school system of Mexico).  I am impressed with his work!!  Please see the videos below on the work that Noe does:

Noe says that “ … all school children are learning faster with their Extra-Ocular Vision, experimenting the opportunity of an active education that will allow them to become entrepreneurs.”  You can visit his webpage at

Please, see the following videos, it is extraordinary!!!!!!

Pictures: Classes with Noe Esperon, Mexico, Extra-Ocular-Vision, Kids can see through their mind.

Emmy  Pickler Method – Interview with Elsa, friend of Inge

The method of Emmy Pickler were implemented in orphanages for 80 years with great success.

  1. It is mainly for babies
  2. Babies and small children are completely  free to move
  3. And they are carefully listened to and respected.

Please, see the following videos:

In Spanish
In English, orphanage from Belize with the Emmy Pickler Method

This tour and as well the Canadian Tour has been organized by Marisol Baquera. Without her it would have been impossible to do this tour and cover so many places in so little time. An amazing work and an amazing organization, considering this is the first tour in these places, starting from scratch.

Thank you so much Marisol, it has been a lot of fun… and a lot of work, and a lot of stress once in a while!!!!

And thank you to all the people who help in one way or another
It takes a huge team to do this kind of tour

Thank you

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