May 2015

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What happened in Malaysia?
April 2015

images (1).jpgDear friends

I could not make it to Malaysia because I had an emergency with my family and had to go back to France during these dates. I do apologize to the organizers and to the University of Universidad de Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, where I had one event was planned.

Wednesday April 29 at 10:30 am Seminar at University of Malaya , Kuala Lumpur



  1. Some ideas from Malaysia
  2. The Semai People
Map of Malaysia

1. Some ideas from Malaysia

  • There is home-education (or homeschooling) where parents take on the responsibility of educating their own children, and there is center-schooling (popularly called homeschooling centres) that function very much like tuition centres, which is gaining popularity in Malaysia.
  • Gardening? Playing? Talking or holistically learning??

  • Nury Institute, known for helping parents of autistic and epileptic children As well they are helping with brain injured children
  • ​Dilip Mukerjea​
  • Dr. Mukerjea is known for his Brain Researches, “Brain skills for immediate application”, and left and right Brain balance.


    2. The Semai People

    Then I was very interested in visiting the Semai people from Malaysia because I have heard a lot about them, specially for their education system and gift economy model. I did make it either, but I will present anyway some information about them.

    It is thought that the Semai are the remnants of the original, ancient and widespread population of Southeast Asia.

    The Semai are horticulturalists who have a gift economy. They are among the indigenous peoples of Malaysiai who have been pushed into the hills and mountains by later, more technologically powerful incoming peoples. They have no police and no government per se. Adults appear to be controlled primarily by public opinion. The Semai themselves say "There is no authority here but embarrassment." Although popular and verbally facile individuals are influential in public affairs, the Semai have no formal leaders..

    Semai children are never punished or forced against their will.(If a parent asks a child to do something and the child says "I don't want to," the matter is ended..Children also appear to be taught to fear their own aggressive impulses.[ The concept of mengalah or giving in is most cherished where children since young are taught to 'give way' to others so as to preserve the peace and harmony of the village.

    The games Semai children play are non-competitive. These games include forms of sports that encourage physical activity and exertions so that the body becomes tired and are therefore made ready for sleep and the subsequent dreaming.

    The Semais, has non-violent and pacifist tendencies, harmonized with other prevailing religions of their adoption.

    2015, Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne Tours

    The three tours of 2015 will cover more than 33 countries with the themes of a new integral Education and Peace Culture, raising awareness with the new needs of nowadays education, and promoting concrete pedagogical solutions. The purposes of the tours are:

    • To raise worldwide awareness regarding children’s needs and the needs of the Planet.
    • To better address these needs through a comprehensive education.
    • To build up a deep Peace Culture all around the world.
    • To pave the way towards a better understanding of the physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological changes in today’s children, and to provide updated information from doctors, psychologists and educators, explaining the reasons for such changes
    • To share investigations and experiences undergone in several countries in the 5 continents.
    • To improve the way we address the inner needs of today’s children and help them in their learning and growth path.
    • To present practical tools for an integral, fun, inclusive and proactive education, oriented towards a multicultural approach and respect.
    • To set the basis for an educational project called “5 Continents for a New Education and Peace Culture” as well as to introduce Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne.
    • To create an all-embracing network around the world, driven by solidarity, consciousness and love, linking continents and countries through Education and Peace Culture.
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