May 2015

Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne
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What happened in Chile?
May 2015

Dear friends,
Here is the report on Chile, 14th and last Stop Over of 2015 Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne Worldwide Tour.

Many thanks to the Chilean team, Nina Pagola, Michael, Dominique, Lilian Lagos
Jeanine Pagola Davis <>

And a great news!
The Charity Pedagooogia3000-Chile has been approved!
Congratulations to our President,
Dominique De Solminihac and team
Email: <>

Dominique, Noemi y Nina at Santiago’s Airport

We had a beautiful workshop on the afternoon of Saturday 16th of May, in Santiago de Chile, followed by an international live radio program (, in which we told everyone about the tour and its scope. I´m calling this: “the Gigantic Tour”..


I also was told about the amazing Francisco Varela School in Santiago de Chile, which I share with you bellow.

Francisco Varela School, Santiago de Chile

First of all this school is on the top of a mountain. Secondly, it is the first school with Buddhist philosophy in Chile and they work towards the internal development of children. Thirdly, kids are happy, they can be themselves and they are connected with their inner being.

Extract from the Web page

It is a Buddhist inspirational school that used the scientific principles of Francisco Varela and the different needs of children and their families for their curriculum.
In times when education is the mother of all political battles, Francisco Varela School began as an educational experiment that links learning with Buddhism, in a concept lead by ethics rather than by methodology.
In its first year it counts with 110 students in levels from 2 year old up to fourth grade. The average number of students per class room is 18 with 2 teachers. They will grow to have up to seventh grade next year and they already have all the spots taken.
The immediate success of Francisco Varela School has taken everyone by surprise, including Mauricio Fredes, principal associate and Buddhist practitioner and altruist, who has created the school and sponsored it -in his space Dharma Kaya-.

The Principal, Leopoldo Muñoz De la Parra, explains the origin of this concept: “We talk about a new type of school because its precepts are ethical rather than methodological, and because we created a school that promotes happiness search” a sign of its link with Buddhism.

Meditation: To educate from and for happiness involves working with our body and mind to develop our concentration, listening, and other capabilities and connect with an internal state of peace.
An Integral-holistic education should include: the development of the different aspects of the being, for this music, art, sports, dance, within others are very valuable elements.

Address: : Av. José Arrieta 10.117, Peñalolén, Santiago.
E-mail :
Phone : 22791473


Hi Noe,

I´m very happy that Americo (my son) is in Francisco Varela School, you can see that teachers are constantly working to give their best. In each class room there are two teachers for 24 students, plus a person who goes around all class rooms, helping children with special needs if needed.

Because it is a government recognized school, they have a great use of the extended 16 hours schedule, offering different and fun workshops like: climbing, yoga, theatre, dance and physical education.

Américo says his favourite part is that recess is long. He really enjoys yoga class, physical education and English.

Hugs and kisses from Vale, Américo and David.

Objectives of the 2015 tours of Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne

  • To create international bonds with the educative community to have support in the 5 continents in search of new paradigms and a Peace worldwide Culture.
  • To have an interchange of complementary educational experiences that are available around the world through YouTube and social media.
  • To share the results of all the activities with the educational community and children around the world.

2015, Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne tours

Thethree tours of 2015 will cover more than 33 countries with the themes of a new integral Education and Peace Culture, raising awareness with the new needs of nowadays education, and promoting concretepedagogical solutions. The purposes of the tours are:

  • To raise worldwide awareness regarding children’s needs and the needs of the Planet.
  • To better address these needs through a comprehensive education.
  • To build up a deep Peace Culture all around the world.
  • To pave the way towards a better understanding of the physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological changes in today’s children, and to provide updated information from doctors, psychologists and educators, explaining the reasons for such changes
  • To share investigations and experiences undergone in several countries in the 5 continents.
  • To improve the way we address the inner needs of today’s children and help them in their learning and growth path.
  • To present practical tools for an integral, fun, inclusive and proactive education, oriented towards a multicultural approach and respect.
  • To set the basis for an educational project called “5 Continents for a New Education and Peace Culture” as well as to introduce Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne.
  • To create an all-embracing network around the world, driven by solidarity, consciousness and love, linking continents and countries through Education and Peace Culture.


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