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Tour 3, Tour of Europe and North of Africa, October 2015
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Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne
Egypt, what happened?

March 2015
For a New Education and Peace Alliance

Happy Children - Everywhere and Forever
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Dear friends

Here is the report on Egypt, the 5th Stop Over of 2015 Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne Tour

  1. Cairo, the event at the Marriot Hotel
  2. Cairo, the workshop at the New Horizon School
  3. The Hamsa Peace Education Programme
  4. Practical idea from Egypt   Mindfulness
      Autistic children
      Have a private School having a public school “under its wing"
      Intuitive Enegetics, a great tool
      Involve the media! And famous actors and singer! With new education

  5. The re-birth of Egypt

1. Cairo, Egypt

Tuesday 24th of March 2015, Cairo
Event in the Hotel Marriot, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm
10 am-1:30pm - Conference
Location: Marriott Hotel - 16 Saray - El Gezira Street - Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Anthem by the children of the New Horizon School
Introduction by Mrs. Aicha Wassef, Director of the New Horizon School
And Creator and promoter of the Hamsa Peace Education Programme

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Ibrahim El-Kerdany, International Health and Media Expert
Mr. Sheriff Mounir, prominent Egyptian actor
Mrs Noha Hakki, Egyptian Culture Promoter and Writer
Ms. Lea Jeanne Sachot, Mindfulness Facilitator
Mr. Magdi Abou Emeira, honoured Film Director

Thanks to Mrs Aicha Wassef, her great team, the teachers, the children and the medias.

Please look at the public at the end of the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody was shouting with joy!!!
The song was: Hands in Hands, performed by the Children of the New Horizon School, Hamsa Peace Education Programme

Peace Education is a reality!!
it is not only possible, it is unavoidable!!
It is happening, NOW

Beautiful event at the Marriot Hotel in Cairo
Mrs. Aicha Wassef, Director of the New Horizon School and Creator and promoter of the Hamsa Peace Education Programme
Mrs Aicha Wassef. Mr. Magdi Abou Emeira and Mr. Sheriff Mounir

From left to right:
Mr. Sheriff Mounir, prominent Egyptian actor
Mrs Aicha Wassef
Mr. Magdi Abou Emeira, Honoured Film Director
Dr. Ibrahim El-Kerdany, International Health and Media Expert

Ms. Lea Jeanne Sachot, Mindfulness Facilitator

With the famous movie maker and actor, Sherif Mounir

Sherif Mounir is an Egyptian actor who was born in Mansoura, Dakahlia governorate in 1959. Following the advice of poet Salah Jahin, Mounir enrolled in the acting department of the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts. He started his career in the mid 1980s appearing in the television serials “Rihla El Milion” (Journey of a Million), “Bakeeza We Zaghloul,” and “Leyyali El Haleema” (Nights of El Helmeya), as well as films “El Tawfaan” (The Flood), “Darbet Maalim” (Master Stroke), “Abnaa’ Wa Kutla” (Children and Murderers). Yet his big break came in the 1990s when he played Youssef in the film “El Kit Kat.” Since that time, he has appeared in a significant number of films, including “Diso Disco,” “Romantica,” “Short Wa Fanila Wa Kab” (Shorts, Tanktop, and Hat), “Sihr El Layyali,” (Sleepless Nights), “Welad El ‘Am”, and “Hysteria.”
Dr. Ibrahim El-Kerdany
I was trying to do a selfy with the Nile behind

2. Workshop Cairo, Egypt

Wednesday 25th of March 2015, Cairo
Various workshops at the New Horizon School
What a blast with the children!
Beautiful children
So aware, so alive

The New Horizon School
20130106_182437.jpg 20130106_182521.jpg
The school hosts one to two autistic children per classroom,

with his “shadow” teacher always next to him. I was extremely impressed how they were welcome!
Workshop with the teachers
Workshop with the students
20130106_204040.jpg 20130107_211902.jpg
Interview at the El Alzhar Park With Mrs. Aicha Wassef
The general meeting with everybody The children shared what they learnt with the Hamsa Peace Education Programme

3. The Hamsa Peace Education Programme

Please see interview:

Integrated Education is the pillar of prosperous nations. 
Our Peace Culture Programme starts, and ends, with the concept of HUMANITY, highlighting the connection of all beings and how everything and everyone impacts all events in life on the level of an individual, family, society, nation, and the world.
We recognize the importance of instilling ethics and values from an early age in order to sow the seeds of global peace. Youth empowerment is developed through self-awareness, experiencing and embracing diversity.
We apply an innovative approach through which today’s children and young people are guided to become aware of the gift of life and their own physical, mental and emotional well-being. Primarily, we highlight the importance of unlocking individual potential. From this point, social intelligence develops and blossoms and harmony is supported and maintained in an ever changing environment. Young learners experience taking responsibility for thoughts, speech and actions and are encouraged to question and choose the good thing to engage in without hurting self or others.

We all smile in the same Language!

Individually we are one drop, but together we are an Ocean

Happy children will make Peace Culture a reality

descarga (3).jpg4. Practical ideas fromEgypt’ s stop over

  • 4.1 Mindfulness. Mindfulness is part of the first module of the Hamsa project. A very good tools easy to introduce in the school see more in

    Mindfulness is "the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment", which can be trained by meditational practices derived from Buddhistanapanasati.

    Schools and Mindfulness: In 2012 Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio published A Mindful Nation, and has received a $1 million federal grant to teach mindfulness in schools in his home district. In 2000, The Inner Kids Program, a mindfulness-based program developed for children, was introduced into public and private school curricula in the greater Los Angeles area

  • 4.2 Autistic children The New Horizon Sin Cairo chool hosts one to two autistic children per classroom, with his “shadow” teacher always next to him. I was extremely impressed how they were welcome! Mrs. Aicha told about an autistic children capable of telling the day of the week of any date. Like the 15 of July  of 1950 was a Saturdat. This reminds me of the Synaesthesic faculties of the brain, Please watch the video of Daniel Hammer on his subject.

  • 4.3 Under my wing
    Have a private School having a public school “under its wing". The project is to have a private school taking care of a public school.

  • 4.4Intuitive Energetics, a great tool I heard of it in Cairo thank to Mrs. Aicha. It involves color therapy.

    MARY SWAINE , B.A., N.D., P.M.I.A.C.

    Mary is a Doctor of Naturopathy, and a certified psychotherapist, colour and sound therapist, phytothérapeute/herbal therapist, hypnotherapist, reflexologist, massage therapist, creative therapist, intuitive radionician, and cell memory therapist. She practices at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in NDG, Montreal, and is the Principal of the learning and therapy centre Intuitive Energetics . Mary teaches courses, workshops and professional training programmes in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She has been working as a teacher and therapist since 1971 when she set up and ran an art program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

    Mary is the author of five books on health and healing (Intuitive Art Therapy, Healing Emotional Trauma, Healing the Planet with Group Energy, A Workbook for Health Care Professionals . Mary sees people as energy beings, perceiving their bodies, emotions, thoughts, relationships, soul energies and other levels as energies in various colours, forms and patterns As a result of her therapy, the patients become more aware of their true self.

  • 4.5 Involve the media!
  • The programme of Cairo was great because it involved as well famous actors and singer with new education! This is a very good idea! Involve everybody: actor, movie makers, media, ministries, consul, children, football player, enterprises, young people, granmothersetc... We are all involved! All together we are making the change, Now
    We are making history
    “Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
    Unfold your own myth.” 

    Rumi, The Essential Rumi

    5. The re-birth of Egypt

    Extracts  from Celia Fenn

    Bennu Bird 1The Sirian Story of the Bennu Bird

    The Master Teachers of Ascension from the Sirius system taught your ancestors, the Ancient Egyptians, about the Cosmic mechanisms of the cycles of Destruction and Birth that form the basis of all life in your Galaxy.
    The Bennu Bird was the name which they gave to Cosmic Bird of Creation. (The name Phoenix was given later by the Greeks.) The Bennu Bird flew across the Cosmic Waters and alighted on a Mound that was rising out of the Waters. When the Bennu Bird called out with Sound, Creation began and the Earth emerged as a Planet with Life forms.
    But, as the Sirian Masters taught, it was the habit of the Bennu Bird to burst into Flames and destroy itself after a Cycle of time. But, from the Ashes of the Bird, a new Bennu Bird would arise and fly off to begin a New Cycle of Creation.
    So, Beloved ones, there was always and only One Bennu Bird in creation, but it was infinite, and always renewing itself in the Fires of Creation.
    Beloved Family of Light, you are privileged to be living at a time when the Bennu Bird is going through this process of Destruction and Renewal, and to be a part of the process.
     A New Tree of Life is emerging on the Earth!
    You will feel the flow of the water energy as an urge to be Creative, to renew your life and relationships in some way and to engage with the Earth and the environment in some of these processes of social and environmental renewal. ...

    osiris waterThe Rising of Osiris

    The Sirian Masters taught that Osiris died, and was brought back to life as a Master of the Dimensional Change to become infinite and Eternal. This feat was celebrated annually in Egypt together with the rising of the Nile River, and the process of Ascension and Rebirth was associated with Water and the return of Abundance to the land.
    Be conscious, be aware, and feel how your own Heart is beating and pulsating in response to this new connection to the Galactic Heart.
    It is a time to celebrate the Dance of Fire and Water and the Rebirthing of All in the New Earth. (Celia Fenn)

    descarga.jpg images.jpg

    2015, Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne tours

    The tours of 2015 will visit more than 33 countries with the themes of a new integral Education and Peace Culture, raising awareness and promoting concrete solutions. The purposes of the tours are:

    • To raise worldwide awareness regarding children’s needs and the needs of the Planet.
    • To better address these needs through an integral education.
    • To build up a deep Peace Culture all around the world.
    • To pave the way towards a better understanding of the physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological changes in today’s children, and to provide updated information from doctors, psychologists and educators, explaining the reasons for such changes
    • To share investigations and experiences undergone in several countries.
    • To improve the way we address the needs of today’s children and help them in their learning and growth path.
    • To present practical tools for an integral, fun, inclusive and proactive education, oriented towards a multicultural approach to a culture of peace.
    • To set the basis for an educational project called “5 Continents for a New Education and Peace Culture” and to introduce Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne.
    • To create an all-embracing network around the world, driven by solidarity, consciousness and love, linking continents and countries through Education and Peace Culture.

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