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Information from Romania
In our previous Newsletter we talked about a School 100
The exact name of the school is Scoala Explore 100
It is in the outskirt of Bucharest
And they offer a pleasant teaching full of love and fun.


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What happened in Turkey?
March 2015

Happy Children - Everywhere and Forever
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Dear friends

Here is the report on the Turkey 4th Stop Over of Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne Tour, with beautiful events in Istanbul and Trabzon. Trabzon is located Northeast of Turkey, by the Black Sea.

  1. Istanbul
  2. Trabzon
  3. Practical ideas from Turkey’s stop over
  4. General pictures of Turkey
  5. Mevlana, profound eternal wisdom

1. Istanbul

20150317_105606.jpgTuesday March 17, 2015
We had the events in the Conference hall of Istanbul Mail, a huge beautiful hall, filled with 450 persons and guest of the Directorate of National Education of Istanbul and the University of Gelishim
Please see the report in the newspaper of the Ministry:

The opening has been performed by Dr. Muammer Yildiz, National Education Director of Istanbul

→ Conference, 9:30 am
→ Workshop,  2:00 pm, organized by the University Gelishim, Dr. Abdhulkhadir Ghayredhl

Wednesday March 18
Visit of the school Dede Korkut Anatolian High School
Director Ms. Onur Bekyurek
And workshop with 20 students
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!

Then visit to the Provincial Directorate of National Education of Turkey
With the Vice-Director , Dr. Murat Adali

We deeply thank  the Provincial Directorate of National Education of Turkey, the University the University of Gelishim and Ms FIgen Sekin from Istanbul for all the arrangements

Pictures of Istanbul

descarga (6).jpg
Tuesday March 17, 2015. Istanbul
descarga (4).jpg
Conference with the Directorate of National Education of Istanbul
images (2).jpg descarga.jpg
Workshop with the Directorate of National Education of Istanbul and the University Gelishinm
descarga (5).jpg
Wednesday March 18, Istanbul
The Director: Ms. Onur Bekyurek school Dede Korkut Anatolian High School with his son. Next to him, the banner of the democratic project for his school (being selected as a pilot school).
Re-Forestry done by school, another pilot project
On the left, top, the ideas box, part of the democratic program inside the school
Inside the school, tea stop: the eternal Turkish tea (chai) and the “tea aunt”
Visit to the Provincial Directorate of National Education of Turkey – Istanbul. With the Vice-Director of the Directory of National Education, Dr. Murat Adau
Workshop with the students at the Dede Korkut Anadolu Lisesi
I had an average of 15 cups of Turkish tea PER DAY

2. Trabzon

Activities supported by The Black Sea Writers Association, Art and Science Center and Art and Science Writers Associations and organized by Mr. Ilhan Küçkcük. Infinite thanks to you all.

Thursday March 19
Conference to Black Sea Karadeniz Technical University - Fatih Campus, social science teachers department, invited by Mrs.Ebru Gençtürk

Workshop in Trabzon Science Art Centers (for Gifted Students) with the help of Head Teacher Mr. Vahap ALTIN 

Friday March 20

Akçaabat  (12 km from Trabzon),
Conference followed by a Workshop for teh Students  in Akçaabat High School with the help of Mr. Ali Balta.

Workshop with the sutedents of Feride Ahmet Şener primary school in Tonya, invited by Mr.Ziya Durmuş
Follow by folkloric dance and meeting with the teachers.

Then visit dr. Ziya Durmus, Diretor of Torya National Education, frinds of Ilhan

Followed by a visit to the governor of Tonay, Ms. Halit Mergi

Ilhan Küçükali :
FB: Ilhan Küçükali
Skype: ilhan küçük

Pictures of Trabzon

Thursday March 19, Trabzon

Conference to Black Sea Karadeniz Technical University - Fatih Campus, Social Science Teachers Department, invited by Mrs. Ebru Gençtürk, Assistant Professor.
Workshop in Trabzon Science Art Centres (for Gifted Students) with the help of Head Teacher Mr. Abdul Vahap Altin.
Science room
Recycling in the Trabzon Science Art Centres
20130101_020217.jpg 20130101_162037.jpg
Friday March 22, Trabzon
Akçaabat (12 km from Trabzon), Conference in Akçaabat Science High School with the help of Mr. Ali Balta, Manager of the School.
Workshop for the Students of Akçaabat Science High School
Workshop with the students of High School in Tonya, invited by Mr Ziya Durmus, Director of Tonya National Education, Director Ilhan Kalyoncu

Resultado de imagen para music kemence Turkey
Follow by folkloric dance inside the school With Kemençe, local Turkish music instruments
And meeting with the teachers.
Then visit dr. Ziya Durmus, Director of Torya National Education, friend of Ilhan
Followed by a visit to the Governor of Tonay, Ms. Halit Mergi

3. Practical ideas from Turkey’s stop over

Practical Ideas out of the Turkey stop over

  1. Robotic class in high school
  2. Reforestation with the children
  3. Peace culture and democratic school
  4. Class in 3D (for instance sciences movies in 3D)
  5. To grow gardens downtown
  6. To have 6 hours a week of subjects chosen by the students
3D Room, Akçaabat Science High School
Robotic class (making a robot to watch the house) Akçaabat Science High School

Syrian Children PROJECT

We plan to do a program for the Syrian children, who are refugees in the south of Turkey. Turkey counts on official number of  2 millions of Syrian refugees (extra official figure: 3 millions).

The idea is to work on:

  • Compiling a set of emotional tools and post-trauma tools
  • Attendin the children with them
  • As well we will do a TOT (trainer of trainees in Turkey on site with emotional and post trauma tools) creating a cascading training (each trainee will train others, etc...)
  • and spread the results practically through social net work, YouTube and webs. I deeply thank Ilhan and Figen for the arrangement and our future sponsors.

If you want to help, here are two ways:

Everybody is invited to send ideas of tools to help the Syrian children, with emotional and post trauma healing techniques

Please write to
  1. Help to finance the project
  2. Help sending tools for Emotional Intelligence and post-trauma tools that we can provide to the children.
  3. The tools we are looking for are the following therapeutically and educational techniques (It must be tools suitable for children and feasible without special expensive equipment):
  4. Tools that can work with Emotional Intelligence, recognize the emotions, handle emotions and voice exercises
  5. Tools for NVC (Non Violent Communication) and Empathic Communication
  6. Arts tools, dealing with emotions, inner development and healing: metalenguajes and mandalas exercises, among others
  7. Ecological tools: like do a children garden, grow edible plants and pets (if possible)...
  8. Therapeutic tools. like REM. Chromatic Therapies, self digipunture, LSE Liberation of Somatic Emotion...
  9. Psycho Motrice Healing Game (PMHG) and exercises, including instinctive movement, ancient movement, rolling movement (for the brain) and spinning movement (for brain glands and ear liquid)
  10. Balance of the Electromagnetic Field (BEMF)
  11. Breathing Games and ATB Games (Awareness through the body)
  12. Storytelling, with meaning and purpose of life themes (for instance Mevlana / Rumi stories and Sufi stories) and humorous tells and exercises (fun learning and laughing Therapies)
  13. Peace Culture Tools
  14. Group and joyful tools, non-cooperative games and others
  15. Folkloric  and circular dances suitable for children (specially from Turkey and siria, but as well from all over the world)

images (3).jpg
Syrian refugees at a refugee camp in the Turkish border town of Yayladagi.
Photograph: Umit Bektas/Reuters

4. General Pictures of Turkey

The fabulous Blue Mosque of Istanbul The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Turkish: Sultan Ahmet Camii) is a historic mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.[2] It was built from 1609 to 1616.
The incredible site of Göbekli Tepe Older than Stonedge 10.000 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!! Circles of massive T-shaped stone pillars were erected. More than 200 pillars in about 20 circles are currently known. Next time, we will go there.
images (3).jpg images (4).jpg
Monastery of Sumela (in Turkish: Sümela Manastiri; Greek: ???? ?a?a??a? S??µe??, Next to Trabzon
images (5).jpg 20130103_221813.jpg
Turkish wedding, Trabzon
Inside of the Monastery, by the hermitage caves
On our way to the monastery Snow balls fight With Ilhan and Abdul Vahap Altin

I was impress to see gardens and vegetable inside the town

I think it is a very good idea, right of the middle of the big buildings (Trabzon)
20130103_215235.jpg 20150318_170727.jpg

Dervish in a wedding ceremony



I was so happy to witness this incredible meditation

5. Mevlana, profound eternal wisdom

Mevlana’s / Rumi advice (on the wall of the Akçaabat High School)


1) Cömertlik ve yardım etmede akarsu gibi ol. In generosity and helping others be like a river
2) Şefkat ve merhamette güneş gibi ol. In compassion and grace be like sun
3) Başkalarının kusurunu örtmekte gece gibi ol. In concealing others’ faults be like night
4) Hiddet ve asabiyette ölü gibi ol. In anger and fury be like dead
5) Tevazu ve alçak gönüllülükte toprak gibi ol. In modesty and humility be like earth
6) Hoşgörüde deniz gibi ol. In tolerance be like a sea
7) Ya olduğun gibi görün ya da göründügün gibi ol. Either exist as you are or be as you look

Please check out the beautiful song of Lorena Mac Kennitt with quotes of Rumi, favourite video of Ilhan

Next stop is Cairo, Egypt
All the best to all of you
And again deep thanks from all my heart to my Turkish friends who made possible these events in Istanbul and Trabzon and to Said Bahajin who helped to connect us.

2015, Pedagooogy 3000 and emAne tours

The tours of 2015 will visit more than 33 countries with the themes of a new integral Education and Peace Culture, raising awareness and promoting concrete solutions. The purposes of the tours are:

  1. To raise worldwide awareness regarding children’s needs and the needs of the Planet.
  2. To better address these needs through an integral education.
  3. To build up a deep Peace Culture all around the world.
  4. To pave the way towards a better understanding of the physiological, psycho-emotional and neurological changes in today’s children, and to provide updated information from doctors, psychologists and educators, explaining the reasons for such changes
  5. To share investigations and experiences undergone in several countries.
  6. To improve the way we address the needs of today’s children and help them in their learning and growth path.
  7. To present practical tools for an integral, fun, inclusive and proactive education, oriented towards a multicultural approach to a culture of peace.
  8. To set the basis for an educational project called “5 Continents for a New Education and Peace Culture” and to introduce Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne.
  9. To create an all-embracing network around the world, driven by solidarity, consciousness and love, linking continents and countries through Education and Peace Culture.


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