P3000 Report Kurdistan 2018

October 2018: Slemema (Slamaniyah), Koya and Erbil


I thank all the P3000 / Kurdistan (Irak) team for this 10 incredible days in Kurdistan, specially
many thanks to Mme Susan Sofi, from Kosar Organization, Prof Ayoub Elhachem, the Jaf Tower Kinder Garden, Mme Kejal Aboubaker, Qaiwan Group and the schools of Slemania (Kurd Genius Kid, the British Highschool, the Honey Nursery…)



Mme Suzan Sofi from Kurdistan
President of KOSAR Organization

And from Moroco
FB Ayoub Elhachem


Sunday 20 of October 2018, visit of Kurd Genius School. Parents meeting.

Monday 21 of October 2018, workshop at the British School (Qaiwan Group). 100 participants

Wednesday 23 of October 2018, workshop, same place

TV Programme: GK Tv, interview

Friday 25 of October 2018, Slemania, Kindergarden school, workshop 60 participants.

Visit of the kindergarten Honey, of Mme Ahang Men, Slemania

Sunday 20 of October 2018, Erbil, visit of Kindergarten, Mme Susan

Monday 21 of October 2018, press conference, Kurdistan TV

Saturday 26 of October 2018, Erbil, visit of the castle of Erbil, beautiful

The souk of Erbil

Koya ‘s Montains

Visit of a Jail-Museum on the genocide of the Kurdish People: Amna Suraka Prison in Sulaymaniyah (Slemania)


It is our duty and promise to the children of the World
to give them an Education based on Peace that will lead into a peaceful Society, fair economy,
green and clean environment
and that will allow the fulfilment of the inner being.

Wednesday 23 of October 2018

Meeting with MESPO team and Genia.
The did the Festival of Peace Middle East Sustainable Peace Organization - MESPO https://www.facebook.com/MESPOforPeace/
A group of Kurdish youths. Incredible work for Peace, an example for the world

Peace in the World!
Peace in School
Peace in the Families
Peace with Nature
Peace with Oneself

Poster in a Kurdish school


Altogether, let´s co-create a new Education
It is time, it is now, it is in our hands.

Educatiooon 3000 comes from Pedagooogia 3000® in Spanish.
It is written P3000 for short.
We are the same movement, that is co-creating a Comprehensive Multicultural Education that promotes Culture of Peace and Solidarity.
It is time to transform Education worldwide.

Forming an organic grassroots team of enthusiastic individuals and non-profit organizations, we are a group of volunteers, mainly teachers, parents, youths, health and education professionals, from more than 50 countries,

We invite everybody to be part of this extraordinary journey, generating inner and outer changes, elevating our consciousness and manifesting transformation in Education.

Co-creating a comprehensive Education
For the children of today and tomorrow
Opening our Mind and Heart
Establishing Peace on Earth