P3000 Report Tour in Russia 2018

October 2018: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Irkutsk

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I thank all the friends that helped with this tour: Pavel and Katerina Luksha in Moscow, the Metaversity in St Petersburg, Tatiana and Mikael Prosekin in Irkutsk, and all persons who, in one way or another, made it possible.


Wednesday, 3rd of October, 2018 Agency for Strategic Initiatives With Katerine Luksha Boiling point Work team 20-35 University
Thursday, 4th of October 2018, Moscow Boiling Points
Friday 5th of October 2018, Moscow, Children Castle (Children Palace)
New School School of Dimitri, Free School The children can choose what they want to do. Emotional Intelligence is a priority.

Saturday 6, October 2018 Moscow
Meeting with Irina

Collective Holo Communication (exo-cortex group)
Meeting Pavel, GEF Global Education Future And Katerina and Nika

Moscow, church in the Red Square

Moscow, the Red Square

St Petersburg

Sunday 7th of October 2018, St Petersburg
Metaversity Congress

Monday 8 October
St Petersburg
Irina Lullove’s Inclusive School
100 languages School

A super example on how to handle pluri-education practically…

Tuesday 9th of October 2018
St Petersburg
Convert School (based on Park School concepts)
Learning Centre: it not even a school and it is better than a school…

A great initiative with personalized Education

Video with the director

Wednesday 10th of October 2018, St Petersburg
Trajectory School

A “tailored” School

Meeting with Metaversity team

Emerald Dragon School
Pilot school of the Metaversity
Kinder and Primary School

Thursday 11 of October, Saint Petersburg
Visit to DA Studio
A wonderful place for inclusive Education, for children and adults
With Irina

The children do cartoons and many cool activities


The Doma community
Special thanks to the wonderful team of Doma who housed me and gave me so much support. We shared a minimum of 10 cups of teas a day… and hold deeply the same vision….


Meeting with Natalia form Latvia
Наталия Зубкова

Movement is a priority with today’s children


In the Convert Schools, children do Parkur



Monday 13 October, Irkutsk, Siberia Conference in the Boiling point of Irskutsk

Visit to the University of Irkustk

Family School (home schooling), Irkutsk, the flying Sheep merkulyeva@gmail.com

Meeting with the parents

Baikal Lake
Olkhon Island, a shamanic Island
Of the Burriat People

Noemi Paymal, noemi.paymal.educatiooon3000@gmail.com

Altogether, let´s co-create a new Education It is time, it is now, it is in our hands.

Educatiooon 3000 comes from Pedagooogia 3000® in Spanish.
It is written P3000 for short.
We are the same movement, that is co-creating a Comprehensive Multicultural Education that promotes Culture of Peace and Solidarity.
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Forming an organic grassroots team of enthusiastic individuals and non-profit organizations, we are a group of volunteers, mainly teachers, parents, youths, health and education professionals, from more than 50 countries,

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