Wednesday 6th of September 2017
7pm to 9pm (Paris time)


  1. What is Pedagooogia 3000 and why a local and Global Educational Consciousness (LO-BAL)?
  2. New Education  =  New Society
  3. The 7 Petal School, summary of Tome II (most recent book from Noemi Paymal, July 2017)
  4. From 7 Petals to a 13 Petal Society
  5. New Brain and Thymus
  6. P3000 Projects for 2018

The conference will be followed by Questions and Answers. You are invited to send beforehand your questions and comments to Dayme Paymal  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to register?

  1. Please send an email to Dayme and registration fees
  2. Dayme will send the information at your email addresses
  3. Half an hour prior to the conference you will receive the link of the conference (Zoom) at your email address.

Registration fees:
-       $33, before August 15
-       $44, after August 15
To be paid on our crowdfunding platform --
Or Paypal --

This online event is part of our crowd funding campaign, giving a chance to everyone to participate to a New Education, integral, human, fun and heartfelt.

Welcome to the global educational leap.
Welcome to youth, children and those to come.
We owe them an Education with a higher octave of consciousness, with love and enthusiasm.

It is Time, It is Here and Now…

Thank You
Noemi Paymal
Pedagooogia 3000 Founder
Vice-President of emAne, Worldwide Link for a New Education