Here are the 10 steps of the Code of Conduct 3000.   It was elaborated on August 10, 2014.

  1. We are committed to promote change starting with ourselves. We are the ones who tirelessly follow the path of learning, growing and flourishing in wisdom, unconditional love and will.
  2. We are committed to "teach something" only when asked to do so. That is what we can provide in a timely manner, at the right time in the right place at the right attitude, avoiding pride and conceit.
  3. We are committed to understanding and tolerance. The first thing to do is listen and know well the customs of the place where we are. Wherever we go, we are invited to new lands and cultures. Always "listen" first, and "start up" where one knows: that means teaching starts from data and facts our interlocutor already knows. We started in a playful and concrete way, from known "fields" and deep listening.
  4. We commit ourselves to trust the process of Education and the innate human growth. The lessons are given "almost by themselves". We can induce processes, but we cannot learn "for other", nor force, nor interfere in the evolutionary pace of people.
  5. We are committed to teach from experience and from the example, live what is said, be consistent with our words, actions and thoughts. People tend "to do what we do (even if we say nothing), and not necessarily do what we say if we do not do it".
  6. We are committed to horizontality and brotherhood, leaving aside vanity. All of each we support all of us, education is circular.
  7. We pledge to always keep learning. We do not think we know everything, on the contrary. More one advances, the more he realizes he does not know everything, and that's the beauty of the circular spiral education.
  8. We are committed to sustaining a broad vision and keep our energy or high frequency. What we do is important, but more important is "how" we do it. It is with joy, marveling as children / as with power of wonder, with purity of heart, authenticity and simplicity.
  9. I promise that wherever we go, prevail peace and harmony. The new Education is “irradiated", not preached.
  10. We commit to selfless service that will build up a new society harmoniously, valuing respect and quietness. Indeed, silence allows "receiving" many valuable answers.