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Next, is what we are looking to achieve:

  1. Practical Pedagogical Tools to be used at home and/or at school (mainly for teachers and parents)
  2. Educative video links and interesting films about the education around the world
  3. Universal Geometry link (also known as Sacred Geometry)
  4. Lovely Mandalas’ links
  5. Links for audio-visual material for English teachers
  6. Music for classrooms
  7. Multicultural music
  8. Links for home-schooling
  9. Links to online TV and radio shows about education
  10. Recommended books for the creation of a virtual and conscious library
  11. eduNews, or positive and relevant news regarding a new education around the world (we do not accept complains but NEWS THAT MAKE VISIBLE WHAT IS BEEN DONE……..(not about what we are lacking or have not done, we already have enough news of this kind, no need to add fuel to the fire). The new world is built from the positive and from concrete actions (it is called “Love in Action”)
  12. etc, etc, etc
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